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Saturday, June 24th

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Are you caring for aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line. Program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can meet. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care alive I'm Steve Keiko prison and a senior care consulting. Thanks for tuning in today I really appreciated in each and every weekend there are thousands and thousands of people. Listening to senior care lie of wanting to learn about the important information that we provide. We constantly roll through several core categories. And then within the core categories than we drilled down into sub categories don't get to categorically. Category. Intimidate the budgets. Some of the things that we talk about routinely how to remain independent. At the new word mark I loves good categorically. And crazier percent. Could you. Which are about how to remain independent your own home we're having too much fun here today folks went to consider moving from your home to senior care community. How to find the right senior care community free exact needs if you need to find one how to pay for the high costs of senior care. We reviewed many critical legal issues involving elder law and estate planning we also discussed how to care for the caregiver so. From listening to the radio streaming this on line or listening to a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for being here today. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting. Or you wanna learn more about the services offered by one of our very knowledgeable guess you can always reaches some or toll free number here this. Write it down and save it for when you need it 180331. 6445. Again that's 1800. 3316445. And also this an online where Rick and update the website check it out and let us know how we're doing I go to senior care Ly ML IVE. Senior care lives dot com. And at and if you do that Ted just check it out surfer and give us some feedback positive or negative constructive we always always appreciate that. I so last week I talked a whole lied about its. The different levels of of care as far as depth well specifically about the pricing models for assisted living and in the long term care. Level which is commonly known as the nursing home and then I am I forgot to mention one pretty important thing so. I talked about that the three primary. Levels of care the most common are excuse me the most common pricing models excuse me and then. There's one thing that you may see more often than not that's an addition it's a one time. Up front fee would say it's called a community feet. That is different than an entrance fee you're an entrance deposit in independent living we're nine anti demand into pill impart about assisted living level of care. At the end and you've. And in the three that we talked about we talked about the all inclusive flat fee or flat rate. We talked about the base plus a level of care and we talked about base plus ala carte charges so. Did you may or may not have a community feel what that is I've seen this community fear range and our area from a thousand CU. 3000 is the highest community feel that I've ever seen. And it's a one time up front right check its nonrefundable they go straight to the community. And they use it to keep up that you know common area maintenance and and re plants trees and bushes and put in a new TV now and then maybe make a few updates here there. I N and they they really just invests that back into the community. Now not all places have a community feed there are quite a few places that don't I would say more often than not though. You should expect to see a community fee. Match this most more often than not at the assisted living. A level of care and again that can be 1000 to 3000 dollars sometimes all have specials were they'll cut that in half and maybe even eliminated altogether. As an incentive for you to move in just wanted to touch on that briefly. Then we talked about the VA aid and attendance benefits. And so oh when the one thing that I didn't touch on was that the period of war so. You had who have worked excuse me had who have been enlisted active duty for ninety consecutive days at a minimum most people earn in longer in the net. In the end. At least one of those days during a period of war so. Let me provide us three here today World War II to qualify for the VA in attendance benefit. World War II the dip periods of war and it's a range. So here's the date range so December 7 1941. All the way through and including December the 31. The 1946. So that's the range that would qualify you in World War II for these. V8 aid and attendance and then if you look at the Korean War it's June 27 1950. All the way through and including January the 31. 1955. And most of my clients through senior care consulting who do qualify for the VA aid and attendance benefits. That are served in World War II or the Korean. War or some people see the Korean conflict. And then you have Vietnam now you have. I think I'm starting to see a few of our clients qualify for this. VA aid and attendance benefits who served in Vietnam in this one gets a little more tricky so. Every one qualifies. Between August the fifth. 1964. Through May the seventh 1970. Fives everyone qualifies. And an all of these you don't have to us had you know boots on the ground. You didn't have to be out of the country you could've had me as supportive for logistic or medical or. Or or any more of administrative type of the position may be in never even filed fired a weapon. OK maybe that you qualify. Here's one exception. Vietnam. Boots on the ground. Overseas. That period started February the 28. 1960. Once there's a little extra caveat there that you have to understand. And then and then that's part of qualifying for again the VA Hayden tennis benefit. The other thing that I meant to mention we just flat out run out of time at a time at the end of the program last week. Meant to say and I am I can do consumer alert on this I'm just gonna touch on it briefly but be very careful. Companies that offer to help you to file the VA a new attendance. Application. An industry key and you have to have all the I's dotted and all the t.s crossed and all the right boxes checked etc. In an anyway if if some must try to help you that and they work for. A firm that then turns around and tries to sell you products or services that you may or may not have been looking for. Just be careful with that it's little you know some people would refer to their little bit of a bait and switch. I did just so don't fall for that just color friends at the VFW the main. Downtown headquarters right here in Kansas City, Missouri. And then there are literally right downtown and they will help you free of charge no strings attached. I and then lay I did not touch on I mention dividend didn't go into it and I'm still like we go into it but. A reverse mortgage you can use that equity in your home. To age in place we're gonna talk about one of the ways you can age in place a little later on in the program today. But you know how do you pay for that so. A lot of a lot of people I mean their billions of dollars in home equity that could be used. To help you age in place and sometimes seeing I'm gonna get a reverse mortgage provider. I'm here to explain exactly how works I think they get got a little bit of a bum rap may be off to a little bit of of a poor start but it's a great way. To use the equity in your home. To help you pay for care and make no modifications in your home to age in place. And stay home and and more more people are doing this so it's just like any other mortgage there are some cost to it. In the end but it's and I think maybe it's going to be is a little bit in the past but. It's a whole lot better now and I think it's something that a lot of people should take a look at as an alternative. OK and then I didn't get into Medicaid but why will touch on Medicaid. Today it's a huge subject I can speak for about three hours on this reckon you do that today of course. But I do want it kind of outline exactly how Medicaid works what it pays foreign how to qualify for it. End this can be a little bit of an abbreviated version today cell. Let's start this off by me telling a story and again and I can do consumer alert on this but it won't call may be able many consumer alert. It was so many people call me. And their their parents and their elderly loved one is DNA. Senior care community. And they're running out of money. And that particular place at Darien is private pay only they do not accept. They Dana on accept Medicaid don't participate. In beat becoming Medicaid American certified facility. And so they've you know once you run out of money eat there are no options you have to move. I'm getting more more calls from people who they knew that moving and embed more more calls. Disturbingly from people who do not know that when they moved and so 10 my earliest clients from clear back in 20032004. Oh long story short she called up just weeping on the phone she's very upset. She said well my my grandma has has stayed acts you know this particular place for a long time in their kicking around because she ran out of money. And and I I thoughts. This she could stay there even if she ran out of money Kazaa I thought they dealt. With that one program that pays for your she tried to call Medicare and I said medication was Jeff. That that's it but I didn't ask and they didn't tell me. Now that the problem is her grandmother been there for years and had spent about 350000. Dollars with them. She was not. Happy at all. In so through senior care consulting we helped her find a Medicaid. Certified. Long term care community it worked out fine mist just not what she wanted so. After the break. I'm gonna let you know about Medicaid and how that works and how to qualify and hopefully all will save you from the grief that this very nice young lady. I had to deal with and her grandmother's well the first to senior care live question of the week. They working pharma is exempt from the Medicaid spend down in Kansas. In Missouri. This estate and it's true. More false I'll give you the answer right after the break don't go away. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You listening to senior care lines on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family. Collar toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again. 180331. 6445. And don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device. Just go to senior care lives dot com and click on the great big giant microphone right there on the home page or you can also click on the listen live button. Given a few seconds to connect and boom that you are in and it will be streaming straight to your phone tablet. Computer whatever you have and lots and lots of people locally and all over the country actually do that very thing so. Feel free to help yourself. I back to the senior care live question of the week. A working farm is exempt from the Medicaid spend down in Kansas. And Missouri. This is statement true. Or false in the answer is. True the answer is true but it has to be a working. Pharma that is kind of the key in on both sides of the state line if you live on a farm own far menu still working the farm not renting it out. It working the farm then Matt. Farm stead is exempt. For Medicaid purposes so. Yeah if if it's not a working farm if you're running an out or its Saab just not being used for farming minutes considered. And asset and it may have to be liquidated and spent down. To qualify for many key gets really really really tricky so let's go ahead and jump into Medicaid how. I'm gonna give you about three RO reveal in seven minutes marche about debt there might be a world record march gimme thumbs up over here. Sell. So first of all what is Medicaid well it is not Medicare do not confuse it with Medicare. They can Medicare is your health insurance or Medicaid. Is a federal programming federal bucket of money administered at the state level. There can help you with your health care prescription cost. For the purpose of this explanation or this overview we're gonna limited to the nursing home. Level of care but you have to be able to meet certain income and asset limitation so. What they do this is it simply an asset test I mean that's all it is. And so you have to Gannon category you have your exempt assets that you set aside like that working farm. Okay and then in you have accountable assets so that the main list of exempt assets and I'm gonna give a general overview disputes. Can get very very complex and you should. Contacts. Inexperienced. Elder law attorney for expert guidance through this but you're exempt assets. Would be your house. And that's for now because they can come back on that later potentially. Write your car a prepaid funeral planned a small amount of life insurance and and all the stuff in your house. Now businesses in Kansas are exempt businesses in Missouri are knots. The community spouse. Can have. IRA and 401 k.s and all of that and that would be exempt in Kansas for the community spouse their accountable. In Missouri for the community spouse you see how this is already getting completely out of control and complicated. But almost everything else other than those that short list of exempt assets are accountable so mainly what they're looking for. They're looking at liquid assets checking savings money market mutual funds CDs. And the list goes on and on so let's say if a single. Person. Has let's let's just make up the number 50000 dollars in can be anything whatever it is. All right so. They would spend down that money so if you're in the Medicaid were older you're looking at qualifying for Medicaid you will hear the term spend out. You'll spend day now own. Those dollars to 999. Dollars in Missouri. 2000 dollars in the state of Kansas and boomed that is the trigger that's it so a year almost broke and then at that point. You're literally almost out of money in the Medicaid will then stepped in and help you pay. Four you're in nursing home cost. Now what do you spend down that money would be spending on wall you can pay the nursing home for your cost of care you can pay off debt. You can fix up your home you can buy prepaid funeral planned which that's a good business move. By the way. So someone has 508000000. Dollars twentieth that whatever the number reais. If you do not have a prepaid funeral planned a prepaid funeral plan is an exempt assets. He can take accountable assets cash. And turn it into an exempt asset if you prepaid funeral planned. And Dan had a later time and that cost is already taking care of that's a really Smart thing to do and also buy a car. And that's what those are some of the things he can use some that spend out but he gets a whole lot more complicated as you may imagine. For a couple so what do you do with a couple well a long time ago. People actually used to get a divorce just to divide their assets and half. And then congress came up and they said hey this is the United States of America that's crazy we should be able to divide the assets on paper without. Having to you know have someone. Forced them into a divorce that's crazy self. That let's say you have a 200000 dollars and accountable assets put half on his side half on her side let's say that. He is going to the nursing home husband. Then he would have and with a 200 do you have a hundred on his side and hunter on her side so his 100 would be spent down. To you again 999 dollars in Missouri 2000 Kansas and he qualifies what you've done is you've saved half of the asset. For the at homer of the community spouse so that this is designed so that the community spouse does not become impoverished. Due to the high cost of care for the nursing homer the instant I hate the word that the institutionalized. Spouse that's the wording in into the law. And again on his side he can spend his 100000 dollars down. By paying the nursing home pay off debts can fix up the house that the I communities spouse is still living and that's a great thing to do again by prepaid funeral planned. You can upgrade your car in get a newer car or new car and it's perfectly allowable. And so. There's always the question what can I give my money away and you can. But it didn't you need to do this properly again through an elder law attorney if you try and I to preserve assets have an elder law attorney discuss asset protection. Strategies. For you and have them do it for you it's worth every single penny. That you will that you'll spend but Medicaid has a five year look Becky used to be three and now it's five. And so anything that is considered a gift. Will cause a Medicaid penalty it's close to 6000 in Kansas it's close to 5000 in the state of Missouri and what happens. Is let's say it's at 6000 in Kansas in your gift was 60000. Not to get into too too many numbers here but 60000 divided by 6000 is tenth. So for the next ten months. Medicaid will not pay for your nursing home on the eleventh month. They will start paints a youth considered paid debt that the penalty back and they'll start paying the eleventh month so the question is who's gonna pay. The next ten months or however long it takes to repay. The gift this gifting penalty the it's been very very tricky then I have some people say wall. What happens and then if you get down a 1002000 dollars a year this income coming in every month old that's treated differently. You take your income. You pay your health insurance to your Medicare premiums. You get to keep 62 bucks a month in Kansas. Fifty bucks a month in Missouri don't spend it on one place what every you have left over goes to the nursing home. Every single month as you were co pay. OK in the Medicaid pays them the difference. And that's basically how it works so if this sales complicated that's because it absolutely is I barely touched this. OK and there's so much more to go through but every time a senior care consulting system with a client we review this with you and we help you through it. And then please see an elder law attorneys to get all this done after the break I have special guests so do not go away we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care lions on the senior cure broadcasting network. For more information about the services. Offered on this program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. And don't forget. If you ever miss an episode of senior care lie ever made you wanna share program with someone else or maybe you just wanna listen to and again and lots and lots of people do that. It's very easy to do that just go to senior care live dot com click on the podcasts. Tab and then there you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. In all you have to do is just click the little radio player looking things click the little play button and boom you're in. In the stream are right there for you and feel free take advantage of that lots and lots of people do that each and every month. All right let's move forward and talked till. I usually say the good guys from mystery model remiss in one today so the good guy for this real popular keys play. I can. Welcome back to senior great life great to be here for a beer and unfortunately mark didn't make it today enables him next time around yeah absolutely absolutely itself all right excellent. Eight and for our listeners with mr. that firm. For listeners a senior care lively you've heard of mystery model or before. You know we're just gonna touch on some clients series today and these are just I I just think they're just really really excellent examples of why you should contact wrist mr. remodel or free in next remodeling need. But let me give you so much numbers here 913362. 7166. Or 8164533049. That was the two phone numbers that you can reach out to key play in mark worse than all the great folks over mystery mile where you can also go online have an excellent. Web site I love the before and act after pictures but there's a lot of information there MR. Remodel her. Dot com MR remodel her. Dot com did you have good Father's Day. Keep I don't know your Father's Day I did I did and on the web so we're gonna put a bunch new the new pictures on there OK so there were some work we've done so it'll likely will be updated bit. Speed of Father's Day I was. They know my son and Rican men spent today just gonna do for around. Your UC movie to see cars in the vicinity and Ellison sent you it's. Anyway about halfway through the day my mind my mother lost power. To her house during the storm Saturday night yup yup and so I called her and I said you know one or Shamu over the house. They here's your stay in hot pot. On how Salma. It's like oh no I'm fine I'm fine nice to well they're always trying to actually ILO non. But you got to offer earned troubles the FBI has. I said well I've. I yell mop the kitchen floor and the bathroom floor and anticipation. And notice the hull. Well okay since she went through all that trophy. A bigger and she's ratio a bag of stuff from area the current drive back home. And so suddenly room watching TV that night I'm fear and a good job and then Q a much and I Cameron what was awash in. Energy and thirty year old around and she says continue through on the Hallmark Channel. Coming out and took her putter over there and sure enough the golden girls then golden girl I love the goalie high level and drums I don't watch a little while but yeah. And also there who nightly ritual as you watch the golden girls. Usually and that in this goes sleep I guarantee you my guest bedroom BI so we sit there watch it and I share wondering how old were. The golden girls how old were Mira certain route planning and Betty why it in the 1985 when the show started out. So I get on my phone lookup I aimed he'd be a common look and open Bea Arthur was 63 and the lady that played. Her mother yeah so she she's hilarious I'll choose a layers she was 62. Anyway it was 63 Baylor its image is Bea Arthur Douglas. I'm rue McClanahan blanch yeah the one with a little little I'll use that kind of a flimsy kind of a slew. Yeah well I really like men fashion it was 5151. 52. Now. So happened that night or Sunday night on Father's Day I discovered I am older than at least one the go golden girls. Started. That just kind of bring cell and it is does it does. Actually morning why I don't look so they're talking to my production managers almost sixty yeah. And I told in the same story an EU he literally got he got so bothered by the tired face dropped and just sort of consuming legal in my office and trying to yeah. Awesome just about the balloon golden girl yeah they were hit I almost always be yours through Mike yes your home kinds. You know Betty White is still it's going to be Jewish greatest she's funny as heck she's sharper than I am done a daily basis yeah. Yeah she she's she's one of those. This golden treasures that oh yeah I was watching a rerun of of Boston Legal was her on the other night okay man she's funny. Yeah he's like Boston Legal but those who really should have said Romania. When they turn them off. So all right so with certain mystery modular I mean. But when I say the good guys from mr. remodel I mean that I am death is what I'm talking about in the if you spend any time. Listening to any of the segments when we're talking about remodeling your home to age in place or just remodeling your home. I think you'll get a real good sense of that in key if you talked about your not the biggest Bateman do you try harder. And your whole team has just some tremendous longevity. Well we really do we've been the other for a long time. You know it's it's really it's like a family and and we can do we know each other's quirks. We know what to expect you know different car owners have different they're all very skilled. But some armor stronger and Summers another hot and and Larry the production managers. And working with them long enough that he can and knows which one he needs help a little better give a little advice mom and they're all well and it take you advised to grow they're not at all. Hesitant to call and say OK I'm on stock. You know what when need to do now I mean we've got a very supportive atmosphere. See and that's actually that's really interesting because I mean how many people out there kind of you know know it alls or they're about instruction or. I've been doing this longer than you in on all right stuff they're a little bit of a kind of the diva Mano they won't follow and any instruction but that's that speaks. Very loudly that you know you do have a team. And and EE do work with each other and in. And they're not above instruction or some tips or receiving similar advice and guess who wins the customer wins sort. And on the customer side hosts who has so there's a sports. Were were going to be doing and I was one of us knows the second time I was talking with her. She thanked me for not calling her ideas stupid. Show. And she a lot of here's somebody told me it's a bad idea airline not to do it via. And a guy here in the oval that's stupid and all I'm like wow that's imagine what not to say to your potential 'cause he. And everyone I think there's still well mind you so you know I didn't hear some crazy stuff Dahlia well you really do this you know it's the same same lanes and really nice and show up the first is that a lot of stuff done under house yeah that a kitchen read it's. Sun room put on the back gloom some room. But other odds and ends and and really had a time of the contractors. Now. So this last time to find a contractor she she read someplace and she talked to some other people and none of them really. He gave her your feelings issue into the near website national association for remodeling and and she got her name from their under porches okay. And so I show up and she's got. A legal pad in front over you know legal pension and all these questions although she's ready she's ready yeah she's absolutely right yeah. And like here we got this whole packet not well we got to pack that we give out of a folder and discover cap certification sort of played you played moonwalk and do that. It's they our quality standards of service so kind of the the bar which we try to meet. And after that there's the are. More competent and liability insurance certificates. And then and into the John usually release so you know you know he's going to be paid for. So I hear that in she's likely to see answered. A good portion more questions. I would bet more often than not no one shows up with all that Nellie did that show up with that she had one guy get angry and leave. Because she asked for his work comp Richardson said he didn't have that she didn't have to because he was an individual is it OK I understand that she had. She wore in her she's retired in her career she had to deal with this with kind. Contractors from the completion work OK so she knows or she knows her stuff as the other stuff now. And so the next guy. Easter she should look at that's trying understand that but any of the guys you and am working on here. I need their certificates. And he said what. And she's doing either stiff. He's well I've never arrived I've never had any read yet demand smile as he amend last. Wow right well that's because this Leino who knows what she's talking to right and she wants you guys to do the right thing. And salons and asking too much you know it's not a long story short. The second time I come back we're going over everything I say yeah. She said this was a process lesson last few major Kyle selections such a we're gonna. Well first he is sign the contract. And then junior wants money than Ari you don't get to Giambi and one about a third down. And she should see that the dispositive that I give you money and our anything yet actual reason why do this is literally in this true story last year I sole job. And did not get it down pain. I still not been able to start that job because the cost for keeps put it off up so icelanders are said. Putting some skin in the game now we both are motivated I got your money into a commitment right there two way commitment. I said in the what were once we're halfway through. I'll get a partial payment she's gonna do you know you're halfway through. I stopped nice as well when we start job to tell you we're gonna finish it. And won't come within a few days of fishermen who have nothing gets mad at ya and her jaw dropped she said you're kidding me. And do all the work she's had done no one's ever actually your winner and Indy. Did you start written notices started work and I told Murdoch go up and moan when they're done and gosh. I was amazed. So so of all the work no one gave her an end date. And if so are all right so. For our listeners said there's a reason. That Keith says the best calling card to leave behind is a job well done. Call mystery model or if you want the job done properly 913. 3627166. Or 8164533049. Keith let's continue that story and share some more street trying to. Why don't go away we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family. Cholera toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again 180331. 6445. Packed my special guests today Keith blade with mystery modular. And I'll tell you hey I say the good guys for mystery mom or because they are they're fantastic people. Had tremendous longevity many of them have been there for I mean just a little miss so many years some of them for decades India he just don't have you don't see that very often anymore. And especially in a remodeling and construction business. Doing at the right way since 1969. That speaks volumes right there. Reach out to miss three model or 9133627166. Or 81645330. 49 and don't forget to go online MR remodel her MR remodel her dot com. This can be updated with the whole bunch of new pictures before and after. And that just really speaks volumes so Keith we were right talking off Mike in dumb. I think there is little more to this story that you want. Writer I I want to say likely as those in that the last segment. Guys with me so long. There is older is the golden girls CI a that's that's that's that's just that's phenomenal South Africa and so these guys have been here for over twenty years or Soliai in my production has been there 27 years I believe see that that's amazing. And and mr. bottler believes in doing this is the right way so you know he he shows of the does lady's house with a folder of information and proactively. Shows her the worker's comp certificate the certificate of liability insurance. And she's had several companies before miss remodel or come in. And and they didn't like dad you why they didn't like because they inhabit. Right and our guys not do this is the right way so miserable remodel or believes that the best calling card to leave behind is a job. Well done and that starts from the first time he answered the phone is the first time you meet your your potential new client to finishing the job within a day year two of your arrest match. Absolutely you know it we. I actually just lost a job. Because. We are trying to get everything worked may shoot and this was a large. Yeah make sure she was getting exactly what she want. And after after about three weeks of meeting with Mimi was a designer and 3-D model of everything. I called her up I'm like OK so overrated to meet for the last time she is equality Utah to. Am I glad. I have no notice that I might well I just wanna make sure thing was right collateral so many came in global mean whatever yeah yeah you know we really take a methodical approach and back to that the story I was told locally with supports yeah. Coleman this weekend and she said. She says you know I'm release wetness Emeril eggs and I don't know from picking the right thing in my show us some looks were doing this. Discussion screen on each side of that would screen any says the porch. Tile and wood veneer and I see you know what there's a designer we work with. Elle Marie interiors machine is injured next year so lets me was her. And she'll take measurements and talk through things children three he'd brought enough for you growing a 3-D. Model of this you can walk around and see exactly what it's gonna look like ya. Before we sign a contract that's awesome do anything. And now we she's gonna know exactly which is getting more parliament and know exactly what the bid yeah I know so it is it. But the important and you were warned to take the time. Upfront through what exactly is going on a sometimes that ends with somebody else get that done. Now and me is we want to have enough but more times than not people appreciate is that appreciated and you know. And once we start we know what we're do. You are you doing ear ear cost estimate is is is accurate right in the the links of five and two completion in the we're going to be complete on this day you know customize maybe a day or two that's going to be anchored is all what I call that is doing business the right way. Right. Honestly headaches if it doesn't stand out. It's not because. We were there. There wasn't beside me. You know if it is feline misses us I think it's gonna take you know Imus my hours as as we do a lot of odd jobs that nobody else shall yeah. Then you're then. Homeowners rarely frustrated. Because it's taken martyr because they know the guy's been there every day. Has been working Stewart and there's enough communication to know OK we ran into this you ran into this into a similar unknowns in right yeah we had a via ports last year that was. It was too dangerous to tear down. Oh my just been built. All mine and so we had to go and basically short everything up money figured that yeah and so we were we were off one hours and went over about a week or so yeah. But the homeowner new law. You know because we've been and you guys order on dinner every day. All day. It and it's amazing how all. I hear so many stories on line and some of these FaceBook groups and in just everywhere. On you know we had these folks and all we no one's ever did didn't they didn't even show up even start the job right or they started the job we haven't seen them for months and we that we can get in touch with there I would take you there I answered the phone anymore I'm just like how do you do business like that I I don't know what they don't for very long no. And our time the guys that may be really good at his craft you know he's probably really would curb or remodeling her her. But he is our run a business is not a bug it's money goes in the water until this time there's a lot to look this isn't just doing the job yet that held that job gets done. Miss three model or 9133627166. Or 8164533049. Online at MR. Remodel her. Dot com and I it Keith we only have a couple minutes left you mentioned that there's this beautiful home EU driven by a firm I am. In 1969. When my dad started the company we also moved north is forever. And there's this beautiful stone bungalow that's been off north soaked. For more since 1937 I'll might yeah I've been driving back and forth through that by this thing for ever early call this week and they're wanting to with a wonder remodeled a bathroom but then they're also they've been in it for fifty years now okay. Themselves solar wind and on a you bedrooms and to the house was it was a bathroom on the same level simply can't keep going up and downstairs yeah. They're in the sixties now on their very healthy now there just don't want move on that and this is a perfect age in place strategy exactly. The the scary part though is. I got to do without messing up this 37 year old still. A beautiful woman in the quarters acre property via then their forever. And I told my shred that I sure will we've got to go don't know must not to curb appeal and she should yell no absolutely. I am like you said that I said well if I'm asked as some might have him come back and beat. I thought I hit a fuel and roll over the radio and only. Left the chase you down here in the you know how you read my true yeah. I'd love to do is not a good. Yeah well that's a challenge because there on golden like dead anymore I sell it into what does some of the a basic design. And throw some ideas around we're gonna get dealing go over. What's your idea the other argue an architect and oh yeah it'll all we're gonna go about this the right way. Now in and you have to match the the look and the feel and I it and you EU cannot mess up. The curb appeal to some place that is so unique in so pretty that is caught your eye and your dad always for decades younger and he had screwed that up. You can just you can see you know Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant and none of it was you know how to bring in a baby leather with a tired yeah yeah. You know it's you know that era and it just looks like it L and it's in great shape yes like now you've got to do a rider don't. But yeah it's and that's a that's a big addition to bedrooms. A new bathroom in an overhaul one that in the one of the assisting bathrooms so. All right so and and this is for a couple in their sixties and they're gonna age there until they can't live there any longer this is a perfect age in place. Example absolutely if this has caught your attention in you want your remodeling job done properly. Seriously reach out to mr. remodeled or 91336. Su. 7166. Or 8164533049. On line and him are remodel her. Dot com Keith site thanks so much for being here today grade dinner always like come end it can be sure to tell mark hello. So you know we missed him alone maybe would catch you next time and social. Clients everyone listening I'm so honored you spent part of your day tuning into this program. Thank you so very much I'm your host Steve keep her and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lying.