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Saturday, May 6th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Senior care life. Hungry and dedicate. Providing information and education day. And resource. Become the best caregiver you can. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care live I'm Steve keep current president's senior care consulting. Thank you so much for tuning in today I really and truly appreciated. And as you probably suspect you are not alone if you're caring for an elderly loved one. I just know you're joined by thousands and thousands of other people who were interested in the same information. And so we're all in this thing together here senior care life right here in Kansas City area there over 370000. Family and friends caregivers caring for over 400000. Elderly loved ones that need their care love and support so this. Is why created senior care life to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers and we have lots and lots of people. Who referred to senior care live this appointment radio they listen each and every week thank you so much for doing net. And if we have a lot of brand newest yours each and every week. And so if you're new to the program welcome and you if you listen three or four weeks in a row I think you'll get a really good feel for the program. And I think there's a good chance that you may to an end. Each and every week to senior care live appointment radio how about that so whether Europe. Listening live to the radio your streaming guests online cheer electronic device or listening to a podcast after the fact again. Thanks so much for being here with us today. Are you can reach us as always on our toll free number write it down 180331. 6445. Again that toll free number you can call it literally 24 hours a day. A real person while answering it. Answer your question or taken note. And I afford it and someone else who returned the call but here's the number 180331. 6445. And don't forget to visit us online and we have a great web site it's called senior. Care lie ever dot com that's within L I eight. ZE. So on today's program we're gonna cover a lot of really really good information. One make a couple of announcements are frightened I'm gonna talk about. I'm gonna define the levels of care that are available at some of the I care communities here and area I think it's really confusing and I haven't talked about there for awhile so just wanted to touch on that today and some of the costs associated with that and don't have a special guest in studio and and she's gonna discuss. Some some really timely. Information so you're you're gonna wanna stated in his stick with us to the whole program. This her information is going to be really really really get itself. First of all just for a quick announcement our friends over at the Villa Saint Francis their long term care. I community on and only thing they do a great job they're having what's called the first annual. It's a benefit luncheon it's on Wednesday so it's this Wednesday may the tenth. From 12 noon to 1 o'clock it's a luncheon to deal with the conference center tickets out at the embassy suites near cape tendon ridge you Rhode. Town and only commit they're calling this friends of Saint Francis faith in bloom. And so the whole goal is to just to inform. Idea that outside community. Of a volley send in the general shield surrounding communities have accused city basically. About Melissa Francis and their mission. And and look this is a really big deal this is a nonprofit. Group. About 70%. Of their residents require some assistance from the state in most of that is going to be coming. From Medicaid and guess why you don't get your bill to come out for Medicaid it's a drastically reduced number. So they don't go out and take out loans and an add on to nudge the building they just kind of chip away as the donations coming and so if your interest in buying a ticket and attending that in supporting. I then just get our friends over mill Saint Francis or call 9138295201. And I dug in view all of the rest of the information like you know how you can participate and buy a ticket. That's at 9138295201. Also let's not forget about nurses day my wife is an RN and every nurses' day I always try to spoiler I definitely recognize her. I get your nice car in the Gator something. Kind of saddening to eat although she says take pill with the chocolate so I may just have to get your flyers this year. Amid anyway. Me and nurses day is every year on May the sixth and guess what that is today Saturday may the sixth so to my lovely wife Susan. And all of the hard working nurse is out there thank you so much. For all that you do and what they do me a favor. If you know a nurse just take a minute. Out of your day and just tell them thank you and you really appreciate all of the good work that they do day they are the backbone of the entire. Health care system I'll tell you that so so happy nurses stayed. To my lovely wife and all of the nurses. And are listening area and around the entire nation. And then this last week has been really tough side to my good friends. Have laid their their parents to rest. And it just really dawned on me have been good buddy in my am known for ever. His dad passed away and he laid him to rest. I know another good friend of mine from from my church and filling musician. He laid his mother to rest. And so it it just it just. It dawned on me at SS throws CC come after a forcefully come have to think about a little bit. Take a minute right now. Or after the program or today. To call your mom or dad just give them a call and just say hey mom hey dad don't just take it value and I just wanna tell ya I love and because. You may not the only do that tomorrow every day is a gift every day is precious take a minute and recognize your parents and tell me allow them kind. All right let's jumping into today's. Well one of the topics anyway I'm gonna talk about its. The different levels of care. And what they provide aid and what they cost so this is an MP a lot of information kind of a fire hose four year today butts. Before you go out and be looking for places don't forget not talked about this a lot before. Do you year research. But after you have made a determination of what you. Need to look for so don't just give the shotgun thing that I talked about in some previous episodes. You need to determine your level of care you need determine the type of care the payment methods the location. In personal preferences and needs and then once you do that. Then you know what you're looking for the so let me go through the spectrum here and this is a little complicated but let's start with that you know that the basic the first move this independent living. An independent living facility your community is an apartment. Basically an apartment with meals they have activities. You know they're they're optional. Obviously you are. On your own fully independent that you're not alone you're surrounded by a lot of other people there is a button to where if you feel like. You may have an emergency York. He feel pain in your left armor you're like oh boy AIL might be in trouble here you can hit a button someone will contact you. With in the community and they can call 911 that they do not provide care for you okay. So that's independent living. Let's go to that absolute opposite side of the care spectrum and you have the long term care communities this is traditionally known as. In nursing home and I know the nursing home that's a dirty word out get hit in the community most people still understand that as a nursing home it's a full medical model. They help you with your activities of daily living such as bathing dressing and grooming. I'm dispensing medications. Full slate of activities they make all of your meals snacks hydration for you provide transportation. They do a lot freer plus. Full medical care for someone with a feeding tube someone with a decline. Someone who need to who has. Diabetes and they need insulin injections I mean that there. There's a tremendous amount of support that the nursing home. Level of care. The big challenge I think here is that sensor that center lane it's a wide paths in that is primarily. Made up of assisted living CO2 assisted living communities. Let me define nap. Most. Assisted living communities. Are. Not when we backed it up I'm gonna I mean to say if this went missing a little more positively assisted living communities can help you. With that had tremendous amount of support they are not a medical model. And that is I think generally misunderstood. In our in our community and it's not a medical model they do a lot for you. It is not American model it is a social model. System living as a social. Models that they can help you minimally. Or they can help you fully. With your activities of daily living and again they can help you men normally are fully with your bathing. Dressing. Grooming they can assist with your incontinence care to to limit her to a point the feeling comments issues they can help you with that. They do you distribute all of your medication it's that's super super important they can do that. They do have transportation to and from. Medical appointments. They have transportation for outside activities. Chopping etc. etc. They have. Lots of activities I mean there's there's just there's. There is a lot of support there that's a lot of support but it is not a medical model and I and I just think I just wanna really pal Matt. That point home here is not a medical model that other challenge. With assisted living. Is that it is not a standardized. Model of care. It and so they don't have to do the same thing each each one of them like at the nursing home side. Fairly standardized. There are some differences that fairly room. Generally speaking fairly standardized. The system living some of them can be very light on the care and I'm gonna give some examples of this right after the break. Some of them can be very heavy on the care and anything in between cell with that. In the next segment I'm gonna give you some examples of that in and I'm gonna provide some pricing that I think will really surprise you on all these different levels of care so you wanna stay tuned for that in the next segment. But let's not forget about the senior care live question of the week. All continuing care retirement communities. Charging six feet here entrance fee. Is this statement true. Or false we answer them right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about this. Program and how we can help you and your family collar toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again. 1803316445. And don't forget this program will stream. Live to any electronic device simply go to senior care live dot com. Click on the listen live button and then just give a couple of minutes to connect and it will stream straight to your phone your tablet your computer. Whatever you have lots of people do it that way and you can too so feel free to try that out and any time. By the senior care live question of the week. All continuing care retirement communities charge a six figure entrance fee. Is that statement true or false in the answer this. False. Mostly false but false. Right yeah it's either it's either true or false right it is false and I'm going to explain that. Here in just a moment that let's jump back to our system looming. Level of care. Let me let me just give me an example. Some assisted living communities. Not even help you take a bath. Okay and I've had some of my clients say well why would I pay that much money to a place that won't even help me take a bath. And I'm like okay and and they don't feel that that. Is his competitive and I would have to agree with that statement for the most part. Some assisted living facilities. Will bend over backwards to try to keep you from having to move. Too long term care community. One assisted living facility served my client who was recovering from stroke. Served him thickened liquids so that he wouldn't pass parades. He is so whatever he was drinking and then coast and in your lung and you can get pneumonia real serious situation potentially it and so the previous. Previously dad did always fall into that medical category but and assisted living facility was willing to do that and oh by the way so we won't give me help you with the Basque. To serve you thickened liquids and everything in between that makes. The assisted living level pretty tough to navigate on your own. Some of the costs as an independent living apartment. 263600. Dollars a month that's kind of right to on the middle. The system living 5000 to 6000 dollars a month that's tried to on the middle you can get a little lesson that you can definitely pay more than Napa that's ranked on the middle. In the nursing home the other semi private room of 556500. Dollars they'll cover most of them a private room and a nursing home hang on your wallet. Is 759500. Dollars and I priced. A private room out in the nursing home recently in over thirteen thousand. So this is very very very expensive and they'll let me throw an extra little curveball. Into this whole messy spectrum if it's not messy enough. I would call assisted living the lights. The stacks and residential care facility. So it's very similar to an assisted living facility but there's less staffing. And a higher level of independence by the president's that's gonna cost you anywhere from on the low end. Couple thousand dollars to maybe 353800. Dollars so that was that's assisted living lights. On the heavier side of assisted living you have home plus in the home plus a level of care. Is summer between 6000 the semi 500. That's sometimes those staffing ratios. Our one staff to two residents that's as good as you're gonna get the less you hire one on one care for twelve to 151000 dollars month so. And then when we throw another wrench into fists and another layer of complexity. We have a couple of gray area sell one gray area. Is it that the independent living level. Where I had way too many people call me and say you know we looked at just nice independent living apartment. And they said they can do everything in an assisted living. But facility would do and so you know mumble never have to move and Mike on time out time out that is absolutely. That doomed no I'm not mean to disagree with that. An independent living apartment is not licensed to provide care that all they cannot touch you. Period. Now the way. And to getting around that is many independent living communities have an on site home care provider. I can just walk down the hall and help you in fifteen minute increments so for some of my clients for senior care consulting. That's a really good fit it's a perfect fit but it is not and assisted living facility. Period in anyway and then I've had way too many people. Call me and and tell me that you know this assisted living facility said were an age in place community and your parent to live here you know. For the rest of their lives and and I say well. Doubt it but Miller watched that. According to national study 59% of assisted living residents have to. Graduates in the will require an increased level of care to nursing home level. It and so there are limits. Two I can be provided at the assisted living level of care a bit too many people call up and they get to discharge notice and they call me a senior care consulting. We have to go out and find another place because it's not working out there and I would just calls some of these statements you know. Over promise under deliver so just be careful. And then you have another complication we have memory care all what is memory care. Well memory cares a special. Type of care delivered in a secure environment within. The pay for so Lisa you can have an assisted living facility that has a memory care neighborhood with in its. Have a nursing home and has a memory care neighborhood with inept building you have codes on the doors so that. Residents. Can't. Unintentionally or intentionally. Exit the building your exit that area. Do you have to act in his two must go into into nailed to a whole program pretty soon. On memory care their a lot of other aspects of memory Caroline in the codes on the doors spite memory care. Is. Eight type of care. Delivered at different levels. Of care you confide memory care in residential care facility you can find memory care. At the assisted living. Facility you can find memory care at home plus level of care and you can find memory care at the nursing home. Level of care so it's just really really confusing. And then last not least she had a continuing care retirement communities. And I would say this CC RC that's the acronym for that it's all of the above. Now many of these as so that the idea there is just sell your home you move into an independent living apartment. You kind of relax she don't have to worry about homeownership and all the stuff that goes along with that. And then you can age in place if you need a little extra help you can move to assisted living. If you look more help connect you can move to the nursing. Senator part of that building or campus. I type of part of the situation if you. Of the building or the campus. Now many of these places do you have an entrance the ethic independent living. Level. But not all of them some of them don't offer an entrance fee at all some of them are just Russell only. Now if you have an entrance fee in our area that you're talking about a 400000. Would cover most of them. You can go up to about 600000 dollars. That you still have monthly fees thereafter. If one of these CCR sees it they're offering in life care contract you gonna pay a large check upfront. And then you're gonna lock in today at let's say is 3200 dollars a month for independent living in you need assisted living. Well assisted living is gonna be 3200 dollars vs the five to 6000 that it would normally be immune nursing home. It's going to be 3200 dollars it's not going to be the 5000 so 101000 dollars and it would normally be so your prepayment. For discounted future health care costs and most of the entrance fees are refunded 90% or 80% back to your state so. Hopefully complicit too much. Now was the fire hose market opened up the fire house. I've been if you have any questions can be calling any time in the states and we have a special guest right after the Marines. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to seniors here live on the senior Kim broadcasting network. For more information about this program and. How we can help you and your family collar toll free number any time that's 1803316445. Again. 1803316445. And don't forget. If you miss any of the programs are you wanted to share the information with a friend or family or anyone. After the fact you can go to senior care lives dot com click on the podcast tab. And then you can go back and listen to previously aired episodes you can find the date. Or that the topic there's a little a quick little blurb about it. So that you know you listening to a just click the play button and boom you're in. And lots and lots of people do that feel free to take advantage of that before. I introduce my special guest today in studio. That was a fire hose so tell us a lot of information. If you have questions about that if you need help sorting through all that. In an effort to find the best fit. For your elderly loved one coming a senior care consulting a 913. 9452800. That is exactly what we do every day all day. For the last fourteen and a half years. We've helped families all over Kansas City find the right fit at the facility level of care at all those different levels. I'm 139452800. All right without any delay let me introduce CU Melissa bowers. She's a chaplain with crossroads hospice Melissa. Thanks so much for being here today are really appreciate command great thanks Steve. All right so we're talking about grief issues. Four. This season and sell you a where we're coming into this summer and and then sun's out and tomato is or be implanted in in the grass is green and all I kind of stuff to guess what this this month in particular can be pretty tough on a lot of people. I really can't see sends stimulate a lot of things that were not conscious and sometimes and especially holiday is so a lot of grief issues can come up. In the month of may. And we kind of start that month with Mother's Day. It's also related to Father's Day as a memories can start to come up for your senior laden won your caring for or even for yourself you know. But grief isn't Linear it's not logical doesn't make sense. And it just does its own thing if this up. Yeah sometimes things have been buried for years will come up unexpectedly. And you have so we have Mother's Day coming right up and doc knew Chris for a Memorial Day at that at the end of the month try and those are two big ones and then. The and another one and it's not really the senior related but here we also have a lot of graduation it's. Not happening and you know if you if you lost a loved one you know younger and maybe they should have been graduating or maybe it's just that time of year. I mean this this is. You wouldn't think about it it in less you talk about it for men and I just I'm glad we're touching on this this is this can be a really tough month. There really can be graduation you're graduation mothers say especially stimulates lost children. So if you may be your mother is your senior loved one or maybe you as a mom have lost a child that really can come up. In ways that can be very impacts shall create depression can last for. A few days are few weeks and are sometimes you were seeing your loved one can articulate that verbally and sometimes they can't and you just kind of have to feel it out and figured out. In I know you know we lost my dad in 97. And that was. July 17. So it was almost a whole year. And then follow state came around in June a whole year later and I could not go into. The hallmark store to buy my cards couldn't do it. I absolutely. Completely lost it. Almost a year later because desk is one of those those milestones. And in and that's a special day and so. I am I felt that first in our mothers David but for Father's Day. And and may and that that's tough. It's true eventually doesn't and also for you work others fiction it and it really try hard to share this with families. When it's appropriate in tandem understand that. Mother's Day is not a good memory for everybody up and it may not be a good memory for you if you have compromised relationship with your mother and yet still your caring for her. Might not be good memory for your mom if she didn't have a good relationship with her mother. So it's always good to kind of have your antenna up for whatever. You're seeing your loved ones feeling. And be ready to be an empathetic listener and end can get into their world and I share this because sometimes we forget that that that mother child. Our relationship is always there. And as an example my dad was talking any one time and just begin to talk to me like an adult and he began to speak. About my. Mail law. And she was my favorite and I was her favorite and he's said some things to her about her there were nice and I had to stop and remember well I'm almost forty. Now and she's his memo. Right right she in a very different role in his life is the future mother in law who didn't like him so well at first and was it really nice to him until they actually got engaged and so that was a good time for me tender remember. You know that that as as my parents changing grow and other loved ones in my life are getting older. Or we need I have an adult to adult relationship but I wanna be present that when they want to. And that as well so that was kinda come live for us around Mother's Day that was interesting things so. Somebody is sickening of all kinds of stuff and you know and. That's such a good point in I didn't think about it until he decided. I have the best relationship with my mom ever end and a lot of people do but like you should not everyone. As the tight relationship you know not everyone has that relationship in maybe it was strain while I know personally I know someone. And it was beyond strained it it was bad. And then her mom died. And then she felt guilty. But then why should I feel guilty because of Yelp so you have this. This pushed this back in force. I should feel bad I should mr. I don't why yes I do miss her when I was shortage and that no I had a good reason I mean you're so inflicted. It it's. I if I see it just really just terror up right now she's really struggling to deal with that. It's complicated you're right about that and sometimes we are grieving for what could have them. You know now what was that what could have been and I recently was in the care plan meeting with at a daughter who was telling me you know mom I've always been my mom's mom. You know I've always been the adult in the family and I'm now I'm really here for her and the duty. More than love and and just still didn't get burned on a pig will bless you learn a lot of blood daughters who wouldn't do that so you know just wherever people are out. Grief is the time to just go with the flow and let it be whatever it is. Yeah and like you say just be there and be present and just listen to that end in just let them dance let them talk to let them. Like you said wish for something that that wasn't it just kind of just talked to think through and just BA a good listener and a know a lot of people are gonna listen shtick that day when he had nervously they start packing an industry just. Be silent and just listen and be supportive and shake your head and don't offer answers or suggest men we try to fix it. We're gonna we're gonna throw out really quickly or say why did I miss you should do that. That's not what they want guys they want aid and empathetic sympathetic. Listening ear shaking your head yes a lot. And and just listen right the last time that's exactly what you're seeing your loved one needs is just your compassionate presents. Absolutely so let's talk about so Memorial Day that's that's coming up period to end of the month and that's obviously a lot different. And then Mother's Day I I know that's. You know when. I know in some families I mean they don't go out to Mike my grandma out on. He girl might my dad's like she's told decoration day right how they continue to take the flowers and you go out to the cemetery nude honor. Your loved ones and out and put you know the reason that the flowers are so I do that. I do it every year my mom does send and end a lot of family members you don't do that. And so everyone is different on the habit I'd like I think it's important and we go Alex Thursday or Friday so just looks nice. You for the entire week and this come as a source of pride in just kind of recognition yourself that that's what we deal on and off everyone does that but so. Memorial Day two has got a couple of aspects as you say the decoration park where you're going out. Often to the family cemetery and so there's lots of ancestors they're. I may be lots of memories to talk about. That can be an important trip to take your senior loved one on and I had one of patient who she really couldn't. Physically. Go out to the cemetery but she came in the car and her daughter said that was important because mom was there with us so yeah those important things to subpoena. And then there's some military aspects to that absolutely yeah. And for veterans are some issues sometimes they come up with. I'm more old well and you know my grandpa. Quote us on my mom's side. Was in World War II. In sales the cemetery. Had and they have these kind these containers of American politics. Might end that you can use in complacent that the foot. He and they end. Recognize and honor your loved one Marat is serving in the military I think it's a really huge deal. My family we all pray for we when we share prayers we always pray for the men and women. In our military every every day every night. Insight I think it's a big deal but they didn't sometimes they've been out of those flags so I am I it's I'm heading to the store I'm I'm by no flag has. I just think that's important certain to recognize it. It is. There really is that suits it's beautiful for the cemetery and also is a great opportunity again for remember sharing. For breathing for a lot of our men and that's the most important time in their lives. I was as what they. What they remember about military service and may be some of the things they need to talk about increased about around outs. Lot of times. People military account holder the end and that a lot of times that will come out you know that with the post traumatic you know stress disorder. In and everything so. All right will Melissa let's let's continue our conversation right after the break but for our listeners. Crossroads hospice is a phenomenal. Organization and they're constantly educating. Our our community through you know through this program. I with Melissa here today and constantly doing you know group presentations it goes on and on phenomenal hospice service. Give them a call 81633392. Hundred crossroads hospice serves Kansas and Missouri and other areas as well that stay tuned and we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 18033106445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about this program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again. 180331. At. 6445. Back to my special guest today in studio Melissa Bauer so I'm Melissa is a chaplain. With crossroads hospice and it and it and look at I kind of touched on that Melissa just. Right at the end there. If if someone is interested in and hospice services. You're not share in what daddy is a you're not sure when how to qualify. How it's paid for. Which is paid for by Medicare by the way. I just reach out to crossroads 8163339200. And they can answer your questions and also. If it's not 88 terminal situation that your your living. With this chronic ongoing condition. You may qualify. For an awesome service called palliative care and not be an internal situation. It's a tremendous amount of extra support. Ask crossroads about their hospice services and there hi in his care services. 816333. 9200. I so Melissa we were talking about your Memorial Day and veterans and sometimes and that's kind of a different set of issues for our for our veterans. You don't CMBX crossroads we make a point to honor each and every one of our veterans we do that in two ways if they're a patient and we haven't honoring ceremony individually for them. But guerrilla Memorial Day and and veterans say. We go out to our nursing facilities assisted living facilities. And pound big ceremonies. And get the names of every veteran with your permission and then present have a party present them with the certificate of honor. Save and share word of honor. And although our point is to honor their military service we have found that is a marvelous vehicle for releasing grief that may have been you know. Deep down inside for years and years yeah and so this is an important time for our veterans hardly any of them ever ask for thanks or expected anything that's like a really touched. They're very humble and silly that's right gap in so you have this this phenomenal. Program again and again. The you know I'm in MM we're teaching our kids this thing it is this. This practice as well you know when we're out in in a restaurant or this or mercy someone marked by the American their uniform ice excuse me can I shake your hand. Must say thank you you and and there they're like you said that they're not looking for this RI asking for this they're humble they are proud to serve. But they also really appreciate someone saying thank you is simple thank you that's it. Or you know. Paid for by a coffee you know something like jar so I'm glad that you have a a program like that that's awesome. This really meaningful for us and in our ceremony we have a chance for life review you know it's it's a private ceremony we will have gathered. Some information stories and asked her veteran. About that part of your life. And that he and sometimes she is able to do that often the Stanley will hear stories they've never heard bizarre allow our country kid I never knew that tour wow that's a lot of thought and they'll talk about a buddy they lost that his name perhaps they haven't uttered. And that day phone and and that's a marvelous time kid to just work through that inning knowledge the lost and for us to say we want you know we remember. And we thank you for what you did for us in for our children and for our grandchildren. And dump so that's a great time to celebrate and also to release some grief. I'm when it's appropriate time I will share this is I think it's appropriate as were talking about. Grieving and life review around Memorial Day military. It's one of our patients was a World War II veteran we have honoring ceremony for him his son who was a retired air force officer. Was also there in so that context. Of saying its gratitude honor. And celebration and our patient was able to tearfully he has stated his son also want to let you know. I don't believe I was the father. And I wanted to be all cause of all of this stress and trauma and grief that I held within. Because in my generation that's just what we did know we just came home it started having families and secure family and that was such a sweet moment to see them just embrace each other these two tough guys six guys out. And cheers and cheers and have a tremendous amount of healing there was really stimulated by the context of a celebrate. His military service. That is phenomenal and you know let the if you didn't have disservice. Debt probably does not happen. It makes me sad to think that I heard and it may happen it may happen but. Hey look how many years did not show mr. Dan how many years did he not tell his son and I'm sorry. I think I could've done better I just wanted to acknowledge that Tia and tell you and I mean it took. This man is he. How old it was CDC delist. He was 1990s. So I'm saying okay I'm noticing is pretty high high degree of a probability here you don't have their service that's not that's that moment doesn't happen. You're right Steve that's that service and that honoring create the context. And then bring them the memories that I think makes it okay and prudent to you know there are a lot of things you cannot orchestrate. An authentic emotional healing is one of those things and so it does kind of create a context that allows that to happen. A way that's really powerful dad. Is a beautiful. Beautiful story. So folks you know. Our listeners. When I talked about crossroads hospice all the time I mean it. They are a fantastic. Organization you are hearing. Some of the results of some of their programs some of their sincere efforts. Call crossroads hospice. It's an information find out if you if you qualify there's concern. If you can qualify for that extra level support through palliative care crossroads hospice covers key is this. Missouri north planned south and also an and other states as well led the aid. Serve. Hundreds and hundreds of patients each and every day right here in in our listening area on both size of the state line. Give them a call at 816333. 9200. Again they won 6333. 9200. And it and Melissa senior chaplain. I am with crossroads how long you've been with crossroads either with crossroads almost three years I've been in hospice about ten years okay. All right in the new what do you served in churches prior to I'm the pastor for thirty years okay. All right how about decimals gonna crossroads this scraped its moral lessons marvelous I'm really grateful excited about a staff you know that always says yes. And were always able to be there for our patients and go in the extra mile. And that's so important because that's the last time we get to do it you know there are particular. Where we are in the healthcare chain puts us right they're so. I'm it's real important that we're able to do that and I'm grateful it's an amazing way to make your living and set you know live out your locations. Well and it is speaking about veterans I I did the gift of the day I and I am I follow crossroads on if FaceBook can. The end at the one I never really got dale tear me up by the way everyone I'm like oh my gosh that's so awesome meal on I mean I got. Happy tears going as it's such a beautiful thing. But that the Gelman and then he was a pilot. And he wanted to go up in the plane anyone take one more cruise and so they brought out a vintage plane and and he wasn't fly an event. He immediately he probably could have made he was a passenger. And that was his gift of the day that was his wish she wanted to do that so. It's great I have to give a big thumbs up to our community may and they just come in donate time energy. You know don't you must come on the rise yeah that's right. Must it and you've that you brought Hawaii to a person who are we don't know why do you end and so just deal that the gift of the day program. Hi if care. You know you've got this that they're veterans ceremonies in honor vets. Melissa thank you so much for all that you do and in and take your crossroads as well just wonderful having you here today thank you all right Carl crossroads hospice and they won 6333. 9200. End as the C if you qualify. Asked the questions. They're fantastic provider anyone six. 333. 92. And everyone listening I am honored that you spent part of your day tuning in to this program thank you so very much. I'm your host Steve keeper and I wish you. Grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always we'll see you next week right here. On senior care life.