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Saturday, April 29th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Senior care life. Hungry and dedicate. Providing information and education day. And resource. Become the best caregiver you can. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lying if I am Steve teacher present senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today are really appreciated in as you may imagine you are absolutely not alone. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of people. Who were interested in this information about caring for our seniors providing care and just so for example of the Kansas City area. They're over and this is just in the Kansas City area not in the listening area so when these days and and do some math. Apply the ratios and I'll give you the list ownership area. Number bid just for the Kansas City metro area 700. Or excuse me over 370000. Family and friends here at caregivers so I caring for over 400000. Elderly loved ones needing care and support so this is why created senior care life. To provide music information education and resources that can really and truly help you be the best caregiver. That you can be and also we have a lot of independents seniors making their own plans and listening to this information and it's really helpful. Afford them as well. So while we have listeners son who call this program appointment radio. And I'm just always just kind of blown away by that I just spoke with a very nice list through this last week. And I she and her family need help. With placement. Services for for their parents so if she said oh hey listen I I tune every week among those appointment radio people then you talk about so that's just so cool I really really. Im blessed my dad and just humbled. And honor so thank you for listening every week. If you're brand new listener welcome and I just listen through the program three or four times that he could get a pretty good feel for that. And I thought highly suspect the U2 may become. AE IAU weekly consistent listener. Right so whether you're listening on the radio we extraneous online or listening to a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for being here today. You can reach us on our toll free number here it is write it down 1800. 3316445. Again that's 1802331. 6445. Don't forget to visit the website online senior care lie in the LA ZE. Senior care lives. Dot com be sure to. Connector was and connect with the socially on and on FaceBook and Twitter and those of the two primary platforms and he is we do a lot of communications to their. All right so I know do I do this first segments in honor of a presentation that I made. This past week two it really just a great group of people. They're called the cool group coalition of older lutherans. Up about dad sell shot out to my friends over into holy cross Lutheran. I church in the cool group for having me out. And had a lot of questions about this and so I think you know that this is really get information haven't talked about a for a little while and so we Adler questions on you know what but what and the do you consider moving from your home to one of these senior care communities. Whether it's independent living assisted living. That you do have the long term care than nursing home part. If your kid involved that memory care and maybe all of the above and a continuing care retirement community so. When she did do you consider moving wind is the right time. By far away this is the number one question that I've been asked before I know the last almost fifteen years when operating senior care consulting so. They're really that sometimes it's like just incredibly obvious just kind of black and white. Button usually is pretty great actually you can be extremely great so I always say that there are some things that should triggered the conversation of considering moving. From home to a senior care community in the first one. It number one when it is no longer safe to live at home. And usually that's living at home alone but it could be a couple. Living at home the most common one I hear there's far safety concerns would be leaving the stove top burners on. I hear that all the time. And I recently heard of of some back a couple of daughters they checked in on their mom and she poured canned chili right under the hot stove top. That right under that the burner and boy they're goes smoke and end she forgot the pan she has alzheimer's. And I kind of forgot a step there and so that this just a real safety hazard it's also really easy to fix that when you can. Unplugged the stove if it's electric flip the breaker or turn off the gas. My dad is a major major safety issue that. I'm most people have to address at some point. Wandering away and not able to find your way back I mean dad is a and that's where you get these silver alerts and you're hearing more and more silver alerts. In so a lot of times if I I had I had someone say how worried about Dan walking away so we just lock him in his house. And I almost fell out of my chair Mike you cannot do that where there's a fire. You you cannot do that in May they didn't really think it's really just what they weren't trying to be mean they just want him to be safe and so they went. To his home immediately. And unlocked then the home and then they brought in home care service to lead to watch after dad. When they were away from the home but. That wondering no way in can't find your way back home that is a major major safety risk this is a little less obvious. But not taking your medications on time. Maybe not taking them at all or maybe taking two doses in one sitting. That that's a major safety issue even though it's not his. A parent is leading a stove top burner honor lighting a candle and and having that fire hazard they're so that's a major and I just bit injuries at home frequent false and hospitalizations. All of these things would fall under the category. Of not safe. To live at home another one is financial abuse I've heard so many stories that it just. It it just makes me in just not just. Where you hear about people who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous you know a salesperson knocking on your door or someone calling you do get you do donate to something that may not even exist and just taken advantage of somewhat of an elderly person financially. That is it because they're there and your not monitoring down man may have. Free access to their bank accounts and credit cards and and and in the telephone etc. it's on Iraq and their their. You're getting a kind of swindled out of money so that that's another. The example of when it's no longer safe to live at home loan. OK number two. This one should definitely trigger the conversation this was huge but it happens tends to happen slowly so its harder to see. I've been I would call this an extremely close second place. When their caregivers. Health and wellbeing begins to decline. Now you've got big problems you have two people. Declining and you just cannot have that. In sell you had the caregiver in the usually put their needs second. Behind this is a person's needs you know and and they they love their spouse they love their. Their parents or grandparents so much and duck and they're just really working hard they're doing a great job that there. They are declining. Themselves they're not getting to their own doctors they're not taken their own medications on time. The night going to the dentist they're not getting a break for some mental health relief to stick or even a few hours rested break can just beat. Just miraculous and how we can recharge your battery so. When their caregivers. Health. And wellbeing begins to decline now you have two people declining. And now you're in trouble you can't have that stress is a very very powerful force and I won't go into the gory details because they're pretty gory but they're they're they're just they're just terrible but I have seen examples of of of a spouse who has actually. Pre deceased the spouse of their providing care for because they let themselves go and stress literally killed them. And now they're kind of defeating the purpose because they're not here to care for this person. That they loved so much so you cannot have that in you have to pay attention to if you see. Someone in your family or someone in your circle cement from your church in and you seem to care giver is declining. It's time to throw the red flag and someone needs to start talking about getting them some help immediately. Number three it could be a financially driven decision when the costs of in home care becomes too expensive now I am a huge huge huge. A fan of of home care. And and it is an amazing service but if that escalates to the level of needing 24 hour and they care. You're talking twelve to 151000 a month in that neighborhood and that's pretty expensive that just may not be expensive for every one or may not. Or may no excuse me may now be affordable for everyone may be too expensive. Two take him on a monthly basis so it's time to consider moving. Two maybe a idea less expensive care community to get 24 hour care. And then last but not least if you just cannot. Keep up with the care demands and you cannot provide enough care for your loved one always ask the question why not consider changing your role. And and what do you mean by ST we'll changing year old from the care. Giver her the care provider of the hands on care provider to the care manager. Or the care advocate meaning. Let's together let's go out and find a great place that can provide the care for you I do the heavy lifting figuratively and literally. Deal with the a difficult shower maybe in times the mealtime mess all the things a stress you out. That's what they're gonna do for yeah and then you can return to the role. You're more traditional role of the son daughter grandchild. Spouse. In the and you can be the care manager make sure. That they're doing a good job in providing our appropriate care and speak for your loved ones behalf so hopefully that'll help if you have questions about that you can always call. I call me at senior care consulting and 913945. 2800 it's 9139452800. And that we work with families all the time in we help them determine the right time to move we'd we do that with every single client that we were quick if so feel free give us a call. If you need placement assistance and at answering this question is certainly part of that package. All right senior care live question of the week if you pay your relative to provide care for you in your home. And you'll need to qualify for Medicaid in the next five years. The money you paid to your relatives to care for you is considered a gift. Is that statement true or false the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back pew listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about this program and. How we can help you and your family. Power toll free number and any time 1803316445. Again that's 180331. 6445. We always have the real person answering the phone. 24 sevenths so it literally if it's a Meyer a weekend etc. you can't call that number in a real person. But I will visit with viewing may take a message and have someone call you back. But it is answered. I'm 24 sevenths how about that. So and also don't forget this program streams live to any electronic device. Very very simple serve you're out of town. And you're one of those listeners that listens every single week and I've had people tell me they do this we were on vacation but I had to listen you can stream it live to any electronic device. Very simple to do go to senior care live dot com. Click on the listen live button given a couple of seconds to connect in the streets a stream I'd directly to your phone your tablet your computer. Whenever you have an it really and truly is that simple. Right back to the senior care live question of the week so it's kind of a long statement so when we do this again. If you pay your relative to provide care for you in your home. And you think you'll need to to qualify for Medicaid in the next five years. When people do. The money that you paid your relative for care. It's considered a gift by Medicaid Medicaid would consider them money gift. Is this statement true. Or false in the answer is so. True every single penny. Is considered big gift in so like you really need to understand us. Easy just your attention please this is consumer alert and consumer alerts. All right so I'm just gonna you make this point my kind of putting it into a story this is a real common situation actually. Let's say that you want to remain independent in your home. And you make home modifications to safely Jim place you've done everything right it in near you wanna stay home right in cell. But at some point you begin to decline a little mate you need some assistance. With your activities of daily living so you need your medication on time and you need little help with that he needs help with getting dressed. I'm maybe taking a bath or shower I you have some incontinence issues seen below them help there with incontinence care. A little help with house keep being with food preparation. And assistance with transportation. I transportation to and from doctors appointments may be run to the grocery store the pharmacy. And let's say in and I've heard this story multiple times so that's why I like using this example. Let's say that your daughter is a nurse. And that she wants to quit her job and come over here home and take care review which is really really awesome so. You realize that she needs some sort of an income notes of pay her bills. So you offer to pay her twenty dollars per hour so that that seems like a good deal. So she's providing loving care for you and you have a caregiver. That loves you absolutely unconditionally. I mean this is a perfect plan right. Well not so fast not so fast in May not be the perfect plan. In the next 24 months. Your health declines to the point that your daughter can no longer take care of now at this point you have to go to a nursing home to get the proper care they unique. The nursing home cost about 6000 dollars per month which is set pretty average around here and in our area. And you run out of money in the next twelve months. So at that time you need to qualify for Medicaid this is a very. Common scenario. So you complete the application submitted for approval in the Medicaid office contact Sheehan says. And ask you about these what are these weekly payments say you've been making. To your daughter over the last couple years will you explain that she quit her job. Making forty dollars an hour to come pay. To come care for you when you pay your twenty dollars an hour. And ask you well do you have a care contract. And you're like what. Me and you have a care contract. And you ask well what is that. And they'll explain viewer care contract is basically an employment agreement. Stating what your daughter did these services and support that your daughter will provide in the in the pay that you won't. Prep how much you'll pay for her on an hourly basis. It and so it's just real straightforward if you don't have a care contract in place. Every single dollar that you paid to her. For legitimate care unfortunately will be considered a gift and this will result in Medicaid. Penalty and I just I hate this I do not like this. This this part of the rule in all but unfortunately it's just it's been abused in the past and so they have to. I really tightened down in this is a result of that so it just shows like your situation in you do not have a care contract I would say it run. Don't watch that run into an elder law attorney. Immediately and if you're getting ready to provide care you get are getting ready to enter into a situation like this. I strongly recommend you need to have a care contract just in case. You may need Medicaid in the next five years there's a five year look back. In an elder law attorney can provide you with a customized care contract. It has to be written to meet the language and requirements. For the state of Kansas or Missouri it's just not some generic. Contract it's a very state specific contract so. The penalty devise or in Kansas is about 6000 I'm rounding Matt. In Missouri it's about 5000 and I'm rounding that so let's say if you pay your daughter 60000. Dollars. Over a period of time to provide legitimate. Loving care that kept you in your home independently didn't need to go to a nursing facility at all. Okay you have to divide that in Kansas for your Medicaid penalty divide that 60000. By 60 in Kansas that results and a ten month penalty. In Missouri get results and a twelve month penalty and that means that Medicaid. Will not pay for your nursing home. For the next ten or twelve months depending on what state you live it. So after the penalties paid back or cured it then Medicaid will begin paying for you nursing home at that point but they're not gonna pay for for that huge gap so. Look here's the bottom line. Do not pay your family member to provide your care with out take care contract. Written by an elder law attorney that meets state specific requirements. Of Kansas or Missouri. The scene with caution says consumer alerts and my senior airline. And I'm constantly harping. You must see a qualified experienced. You know look many years so longevity experienced elder law attorney furlough so many of these things because it's so specific. Who in their right mind would ever think about dead who would know about that in downtown yet 99.9. Percent about a of the general public out there do not know about that so deathly contact an elder law attorney. All right so we're gonna shift gears here big time I mention remodeling her home page in place so many people are doing and I know I'm definitely gonna do it. So wired this CEO my friends the good guys for mystery modular Keith blade and mark worth and I keep the market. Welcome back senior care life great demeanor could see in Steve. All right we don't have we only have about a minute left but mr. him dollar's been in business since nineteen. 69 so Keith how old were you that we're you heard like one or mouth. I don't feel or four years old he has some stories of trying to figure that's trying to get in windshield wipers not work I love. But it's but the but the point is you're still here. And in your thriving in you're doing just wealth of this is working on a lot of homes to re model homes to age in place. And and that means you do any good job absolutely absolutely and you know we've Yeltsin really you guys were enforce. All right so we're gonna talk about the L personnel and in their qualifications of the personnel. And a whole lot more right after the break with the good guys for mystery modular HM gimmick Colin 9133627166. Or Missouri 81645. 33049. More with the mr. remodel her right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about this program and how we can help you and your family. Caller told free number at any time it's 1800. 3316445. Operators are always standing by at 180331. 6445. And don't forget if you miss an episode. A senior care line you can go back after the fact you miss you know Monday Tuesday maybe Wednesday we'll have them up. In you can go back after the fact to listen to the podcast so it's not as exciting as listening to it. Every Saturday morning at eleven but it's the next best thing sell go back to you as senior care live dot com. In the podcast cabin you can listen to any previously aired episodes and I can feel free to do that. Now all you. All right so we're doing a lot of myth busting here on senior care lie we do this quite a bit. I love this segment. So here's the myth. That there are more selections that you have to make in the kitchen. And you have to make when re modeling a bathroom since the myth of win remodeling a kitchen you have a lot more selections to make them remodeling the bathroom. Make key chance not necessarily true. No not at all basically they ask Syria you have all the same selections. Unitary or cabinet go to Gary you know countertop yuppie got a plumbing fixture. Floors is such a bit you've got more plumbing fixtures which you have your opinion Hewitt do what can show our if it is a they don't do what tiled. On the walls you want onyx. Do fiberglass and then. He'll walk in Charlotte Sybase going to be made out of so we can see where there's a lot more selection just you know door styles polls. On the toilet. Yeah when you walk into Betemit just kind of taken for granted them if you had to go back and kind of redo all that that's that is a tremendous amount of choices out there really isn't the use shocks people know me. Decisions have to make for a little bathroom that and then depending on line and in the costs may or may not be mourned in the kitchen I mean I think a lot of it depends on you know I am. Volume you've employee his depends on the size and your expectations is runners what you want them. Your lifestyle will come into that. If you have a gold plated you know no water faucet that's going to be pretty expensive vs. Hey I brushed nickel or you know or whatever we have even a chrome faucets are exactly. So alright so we've just solve that and that is a fact. For more information about the facts. Stay tuned to this program or contact senior care consulting at nine point 39452800. Or visit senior care consulting dot com. So off off Mike can I win we are kind of on the break in between segments. We will all going to the whole story by is this this is why. Mr. Rick this is one of the reasons why mr. auriemma always been business. Since 1969. Just doing the right thing so kind of a long story short mark we share with me in this has been a while back when. We deem lay was was still with us well and then 1012 years ago at least imagine 1012 years ago and he had a pregnant mother was some children. And and and name she went hand in just started destroying the bathroom started doing the terra herself. Well there was a husband that was involved Tucson earlier he was in trouble basically good yeah yeah I got in over his head and it was the only bathroom in the house and and they called us and move you know they had a budget of 2000 dollars and so we did what we could and that's how much you know he knows tore out the whole bathroom. A guy can see amend their seal swing and a sledgehammer knocking stuff out and wires sparking new though it wasn't even sub floor on the floor all your kid go so all he aren't always get our goal was released in a toilet functional then we had to run water lines and so we did what we could do. We had done and I went back to the office and I was telling dean this story he said you know. Send somebody over there and in get that bathroom at least functional for us riskiest of those kids can use the restroom. And in and take a bath in himself and if financially you know that we use obviously losing proposition but he said. Take care and FEM meticulously last salute. And and that's a really cool story you can't then not every job can DB knowing what you're an every day unless you're not here not in business might but the bottom line is you know once in awhile special circumstances happened. In India step up and and I know you still do that. Today and it's and so I just I was really touched by this story they year they hadn't had that that your dad said. Get over there and take care about human make it functional and a record for gold plated faucets I terror and make it functional for those kids so that they can have the bathroom because what were they doing. In them in the end they were going to 7-Eleven. You know to use the bathroom and taken that the kids over to Graham Austin get him Baz of that type of thing that was winners well oh boy so. You know just a bad situation yeah it in so this is. That the basic philosophy. Just doing the right thing you know as it is really a core two. Our business you know you know we we have stuff happen all the time where it's like. Bill purple wall which there you know and nuclear we're gonna have to change orders now to any more complex will get buckets and get more complex. And watch films through it you know of course you do change or more money up but it's you know we don't discover slip up and have. Ollie just move on yes no idea what I write you know at least need to bring it to their attention just the right. Let them make a judgment call from there there because you don't know when you Tara wall you don't know what's behind that won't. You know there could be twenty years of mold behind that why you don't have no idea what you get into right. And boost. I will say it was Lewis experiences we have really good idea. Yeah we're gonna get into account that was stolen in the things that rural like I have no idea why they don't do it fell by. There's a shower we're gonna do this is to make their selections that this ceiling of the shower. Is and is they have below the opening of the doors going in alone and I think I've figured out what was going on there but none of servicing. Did you like him being born prostate error now I it's got to help reformer and I think there's like a little. Base give a diamond in the quarter that they would had to deal with was Chirac and got. And tile everything when they built into the blue balloons should make its flat out and yeah. It's easy way out yeah. All right Fiat move on so we're gonna turn out and deal with the diamond in the corner. Now has to be dealt with beer and do it right right Sissy at this. They're just there than just the story after story after example after example. Both mr. remodel her doing it right you cannot go wrong by calling mr. Mahler they re him they do all sizes of remodeling jobs from you know huge gigantic adding on house to house practically. All the way down to some smaller stuff and everything in between here and on this program we need we primarily talk about remodeling your home. To age in place that I they do all remodeling give give the good guys from mr. Mueller Cawley won 64533049. Or 9133627166. And you can also go online at and a mop. Remodel our dot com MR. Remodel her dot com it's think it's a great website a lot of the before and after photos they always just blow me away. And they're they're some beautiful photos of from an actual working you've actually done. Yeah well the photos are all our work aren't like stuck photos like and it's some of the other side you know you sega's some of those other sites some liked him. Well three companies most to work dumps in the same home. Hello I think the ocean in the background we usually give an eye and a cut tire actually maybe that didn't happen yeah. Not the oceans and gals are Hillary's I actually. Downloaded a couple of months into the Google image search. And found six differ Marlins across the country using the same kitchen and certificates in the remote almighty the now that's that's silly come on guys. Is it makes you wonder if they're proud of the work they're doing the long ago or takes pictures of it I won't say it's a guess for ever took Smartphones coming along for us to take pictures or yeah. Because the other go back in new digs fours and after his. And we're not and I've got the time mark showed a kitchen that we we did. Only dues paid the cabinets and and install an island it looks like a brand new kids now while the nukes in new top yeah him you know fractional pricing over kitchen remodel it looks like communicate. Just like a little bit of an update he had an island which is kind of the new real trendy thing right now their camera on the peninsula room. They've made it more functional to navigate around down see that's that's really cool scene now I'm kind of not like in my peninsula you on an island and I guess this. So but anyway so yeah they are so it. There again and he'd just go online on a MR remodel learned dot com MR remodel or dot com. You can see real live work. Real pictures from real customers right here in the Kansas City metro area. In the before and after and some of them well all of them I I just think are just stunning act. I love my my first degree which I mailed out of and I I changed gears to business and senior health care of first degree was architectural engineering self. I know loves you appreciate that building process and I love seeing where something. Maybe a wall was he had and support new loosen things I love that I just totally get that excited about CNN and there are great patience and it looks like excellent work. It's. They're commercial on this route is neat seeing people like kind of fallback in love with their warehouse again yeah you know one of the other cells and John came in and yes he was describing. Reluctant and he said she was very angry with her house all. I saw she's. Okay well that's that's a statement angry with your house. Yeah that's that is intersect so the tin win when you when you finish the job. To ram through their boy there's she's not angry she's our low with her house again oh. And you know what though and there is something to you that they you know you do something to your house and also you know like. Home hand I just literally changes or will we put a new table in a new rug in our dining room area. And it completely changed that entire part of the house. Despite you know a little bitty thing let alone. And I three model where you might be putting on some new tops and change and cabinets. You know putting in an island or something like that. Well and that's kind of what keeps us personally going as well I mean we take pride in what we're doing in. I still rejoicing in the projects from. When they get started to when they're completed from start to stop so this is mr. remodel or the good guys from mystery model earned 913. 3627166. Or 816453. 3049. Online at mr. remodel or. Dot com that's MR remodel or dot com in after the break we're gonna talk about the cost of some of these jobs. And you can some averages compare that to moving to a senior care community this is the biggest no brainer for centuries so stay tuned we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lie on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care alliance on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about this program and how we can help you and your family caller toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 644. Or five back to my friends the good guys for mr. remodel or Emma and I think you can tell they really are good guys they're just genuine. Down to earth good hard working guys they do the right thing that's why this remodel or is in the business since 1969. You don't do that militia doing great work in you having repeat customers and referrals and doing the right thing give them a call 913. 3627166. Missouri 8164533049. Or online at MOR remodel her. Dot com MR remodel her. Dot com and Keith you have like your current currently working on it it's a pretty simple job itself as a major problem in the efforts are remodeling your home to Asian plate. Yes sure because ruined in the bathroom for about sixteen years ago OK I think this. So she's she has back problems. It's pretty severe back pain. And her lower back. Salute the to a ranch I might mills. And just who downstairs to do or under what she can't anymore and so her husband. News eighty honestly you look like you 65 now while he's in good shape now various shape and I when she said ADR Lou wow I'm. You know preserving yourself what yeah. Hello look up and today he shouldn't show I tell you I looked real and on the outside but inside is full 40 boy okay so. He's having to go downstairs and do laundry which is making her feel bad. End up. So she wants to put a stack of ball washer and dryer somewhere upstairs. And she and her idea was to take out. About. Well about point seven inches of cabinetry in the kitchen next to the sink. And put it there. We'll try and ultimately cabinets that the I think the camera there Miller is not the fifties. And I think him mister Bildt and place okay. In just the way there put together only. Durham Donna is there no seems that we just. The top of one Kim into the bottom of the other. Only goal of the feeling OK and it's just the way it many times I hear out the face religious to have this look like it was built they're. Then either way this is going to be hard to make that work. And push in the kitchens in the factory so you up. Still. One of those things have more news and on the garage. Amateur film. You know shut down a step but you know separate Q there. So we look to reach as closet in her bedroom. And a that was the best option don't get a third bedroom riches is an office in their own they would do that somebody's who Tutu for Dorgan widened to about three feet. In size 41 inches. So we can just basis led a unit right in there now that the his concern is Jewish hour. Going to be right to the right of the unit. And getting into that sheriff has ever problem but she did point out that they've had to get into the Chara twice. And since 1974. How well probably that's something too well if you had to use have to slide out the stack more sure Dreier did do expose that walls so right in Miami's not terrible summer. Yeah well and improvements like that it's not like they're not reversible to me it's not a huge huge investment you've knows about your closet right if you know. This through it and honestly the mural read. You've just been through six is dormant gonna be doing your closet yeah. CN and that really worked she can also open maybe some little bifold doors or somebody like down on their if you wanna make it well actually stick out about two to three inches from the into the room okay. Which is also reason why we look at a hallway Claus look but he'd be walking and able to yeah well it but if that keeps them at home run and you look at the cost of new facility to live in weather be assisted living or whatever I mean that's. So there for one month of assisted living near Galveston Alessio so so for less than a one month stay. In an assisted living facility or nursing home you were able to. Analyze the situation recommend that you don't terror up this very permanent very built in cabinetry. And now we've been and then you're gonna have a washer and dryer in your kitchen so that might actually you know. Negatively impact your say all right you separate it and in the idea here is to hide it or positively affect your resale value. And so you took a lucky identified a location. You're able to widen the door frame. You can slide as stack a ball washer and dryer right in there you run the plumbing you run event to that thank. And boom they're in business so less than a one month stay. In an assisted living or nursing home allows these people to live safely at home. And and take care of a huge need do your laundry that's not something that you can ignore but took away the Dane. Drew of the stairs that's right. Any time you can minimize the trips up and down the stairs for older people. To their advantage obviously. They're like yeah I mean. I would dancers to look at the plumbing and everything in kids is soon coming down with me and I was like you Julia. After you do that's an area of yours truly into overtime at the cost of that system Lou we're take that we're talking about in their case thanks to. You have to people who and its sister that's right which. I don't know those figures and I know it's more than want their kids so yeah. Oh yeah that's about a 150 year and detergent for two people for one year dollars is under for the dogs will tell us 110 or fifteen K. Forgot to OK okay. Well it depends on where you're at so I would say you know 12850. Miles while. Eat with with no problems are having a mother in that situation that it. Just keeps going up. Yup yes sir you did does Cindy goes 03 to 5% per year what I've noticed here in the Kansas City area for a short rant if it. It is that we have a lot of new assisted living facilities being built and there are absolutely stunningly beautiful. Bite and then the price just keeps inching up and everyone else just inches up with all of these. I've traders say increases. And and so if it is becoming an issue I mean really does in so if again and I keep I always say it's the biggest no brainer in the plant but. If you can spend less than a one month state to solve a major issue in your home that keeps you living independently in your home and removes. They very dangerous staircase and it just takes it out of the equation. Why wouldn't you do that I mean this is it is it this is the simplest decision not on on the planet and then there's some other things you can do you can convert. The the tubs to roll in shower and in all sorts of other things a bit you are friends and mystery Mahler call. In and beat you offer a you. He'll visit was summoned over the phone what's the process. Well generally when a client will call in we get some general information from them our estimates are free. We can't we go out and evaluation. Sometimes it if it's small project we can give you a price well were there that like transcript combat go back to the office. Let's figures together and then we can bring him back out to Ian presented to you and there's always some options available and obviously selections in its bigger project we also have a designer available. To help sell some of those selections that have a client needs as well. So to age in place at home successfully age in place and safely Asian place. Contact mr. remodel or been in business since nineteen. 69 for the reason they do good work for two reasons they do good work they do the right thing they're just great great people there. 9133627166. Or 816453. Three. 049. PM but give those numbers and again 9133627166. 816453. 3049. There. Highly rated with the Better Business Bureau your cap certified. Involved in the chamber of commerce involvement Mary. Good covering all the bases he can't go wrong. Call our friends at this remote Markieff and Marcus thanks so much for being here today this really is. All right thanks so much and everyone listening I'm just so honored that you spent part of your day tuning into this program thank you so very much. I mean host Steve keep her in I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and hallway so I'll see you next week. Right here on senior care lying.