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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Senior care line. Program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Helping you become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care live I'm Steve Keith Kerr president of senior care consulting. Thanks for tuning in today I really appreciated and as you listen to this program you are joined by thousands and thousands of other people who were interested in the exact same information. And as you probably already know you are absolutely not alone just right here for example in the Kansas City area. They're over 370000. Family and friends caregivers. Carrying four over 400000. Elderly loved ones who need care and support so this. It's why created senior care life to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers and we have so many listeners. Who claimed that senior care live is what they call appointment radio they don't miss a single episode. And I'm so thankful for that and thank you very much. For a tuning in each and every week and then on the other end you have you may be a brand new listener feel like hey what's this all about the sounds pretty interesting. If you are nude the program welcome and listen to three or four in a row I think and get a good taste to get flavor out of the of the program and I think you two may become a consistent listener of senior care life. So if you listen to the radio streaming this on line or listening to the podcast after the fact again thanks so much for being here today. You can reach us on our toll free number any time it's 1803316445. Again 180331. 6445. And don't forget it's if you have a computer or right Internet access be sure to visit. Website at senior care lives LA ZE senior care live dot com. Lots of good information. On the pro the website senior care lives so. Let's jump right in here today. Seriously if you run out of money M what are you going to do it and if these rates is super expensive I'm gonna explain that in the later in the program hang tight. I you don't wanna miss later in the program under the help you understand. The Medicare compare one to five star rating system. For nursing homes and and it's getting information but it's also by some of it can be misleading sometimes the information on on Medicare compare can be stale. In so as some issues there so I'm gonna explain all that help you understand that so let's jump. Right into the Medicaid portion of the program what if you outlive your assets and you need expensive senior care so. There's good news and bad news the good news. There is sought help through the Medicaid program the bad news. The Medicaid program is very difficult to understand. It's very complicated rules in many situations. And it can be very easy to miss understand and make a mistake. So let's go to. Medicaid in what if you outlive your assets here's why this is important. What does she share briefly a story one of my very first clients with senior care consulting clear back in 2003 she called. And she was literally weeping on the phone and I'm like oh boy what. What's going on had come in OK he's taken breath then. Thome thome what's gone on in May hopefully I can help and so she shared that her grandmother. Had been living in a particular facility for years a long time. And and they loved it there in the end and they loved her and everything was fine and as she gets this no letter of discharge. Asking her to move her grandmother within the next thirty days. And so she asked her she said do we do something wrong I mean why why are we getting kicked out. And they said on how you didn't do anything wrong that you see your grandmother is just about out of money and we don't take Medicaid. So you're gonna have to move. And she was just completely blown away with this this is not what she wanted now her grandmother who is in her nineties now and well declined. In on that path of of dementia. She had to move is horribly disrupted this very hard on an elderly person. A ten move anywhere let alone at that age and in that state so. We were able to helper out its senior care consulting help her find a great place that did accepts Medicaid. And is she told me she said I I didn't ask the data and Tommy either she said let me guess if I were to work with you originally. We probably wouldn't have moved here and I said no we wouldn't have because. Your your statement is that you you wanna move her one time and not have to move her again and so they would not a fit. Eric care profile on our criteria. So no they would have even been under consideration so this is why it's important to understand Medicaid is I like to call a safety net debt. The says if you should outlive your assets or run out of money in need care in for the purposes of these side next two or three segments will talk about care at the nursing home level. I didn't then this and safety net is here to say we've got Jim won't pay for your care. But there are lots of rules and and lots of complexities here it's a federal program but it's administered. At the state level so you do see typically. Some differences summer pretty. Major actually a bit more minor differences between state to state for for example you Kansas and Missouri. Very similar but there are some differences. So do not confuse Medicaid with Medicare Medicare. Your health insurance just think about it is as you're about a year health insurance Medicaid. Can help you pay for your nursing home care new prescription drug coverage in in the sort of thanks. So how does it work well this is really simple this part simple is very black and white cut and dry it's an asset. Tests so you have to look at your assets and you take. You're exempt assets your house is exempt one vehicle. A prepaid funeral planned a small amount of life insurance and all the stuff in your house those are all exempt now. I'm giving you the general merchant there could be a few other things that are exempt communion the basics for today. Kate accountable assets almost everything else are you talking about. Where they're really looking at your liquid assets checking savings money market mutual funds CDs. But those sort of thinks. So you're accountable assets so you add those up in the and you have to spend a them down sir if you hear the term spend down that's what they mean you have to spend your assets down. And then the trigger for Medicaid coverage is 999. Dollars in the state of Missouri. In 2000 dollars in the state of Kansas in so what do you. Spend your assets on or your money on well obviously you pay the nursing home you can pay off debts. You can eat you can fix up your house although you're not living their concede just moved to a nursing home this is for single person. By the way really really really smarts. As Smart this is moved to buy prepaid funeral planned. And take care of that expense yourself while you have assets to pay for that in its you're two you're taking cash. Which is accountable last set. And you're turning it into an exempt ascent prepaid funeral plan really a Smart move you can also buy a car. But again if you're single person moving into a nursing home. You probably don't need to do that. So let's shift gears and move on to the married couple because this is when it really gets complicated. So you have you know you have. That the husband and the wife and they have X dollars or so for this example say they have 200000. You put a 100000 on his sign 100000 on her side and then say he's the person needing the nursing home they call him the institutionalized. Spouse. I don't like debt retirement that's what Medicaid calls it and then he spends his half down that's his spend down she does she's left with a 100000. The whole point of this. Division of assets and it's a very clear that you don't legal maneuver is back in the day people used to actually get and this is this is just horrible. They actually. Used to get a divorce. If you can believe that or not they would get a divorce so that they can preserve half the assets for the community spouse to spouse still able to live independently in the home. Well you don't have to do that anymore you just divide these assets on paper. So his side would be spent down to again 999 in Missouri 2000 dollars in Kansas and doom Medicaid would cover him. Again you can pay for your cost of care your medications etc. Payoff debt so he and Sally on home together if there's a small mortgage left pay it off from from my his side. If you need to have some home repairs in 101000 dollars to to fix the row for. Or I you know 8000 dollars for new HB AC system etc. Do that and do that from his side of that spend out. I buyer again by prepaid funeral plan and then say his wife is gonna visit him every single day. I in the nursing home and maybe she's driving an older car that is in disrepair. You can spend part of his side by a Newark. More reliable. Vehicle. So that chi kin easily see him each and every day here as often as she'd like to all of those are perfectly allowable. Expenditures. On that spend down on his side so that's what you can bill. And then I get to question all the time I'm just gonna touch on this spec you can I give my money away and of course she can you can make against. But you know Medicaid has if it's this has been abused terribly right so. Their new legislation. You know many years ago that changes from a three year look back to a five year look back so they're looking. For Gibson gets to be cash gift of property we entitling property. Selling an asset for less than its fair market value and all of those things are going to cause. AE a penalty in for every I'm gonna around it off 6000 dollars in the state of Kansas. 6000 dollars worth of gift or Missouri and around and up to 5000 dollars. For each one of those amounts that means that Medicaid will not paid for. One month of your stay in a nursing help. Kate so if you had a 50000 dollar gift in Missouri that's a ten month penalty of 60000 dollar gift in Kansas. That's a ten month penalty. Medicaid would start paying the month after that penalty is paid back so. This is super complicated I'm gonna get into a whole lot more. Right after the break see you wanna hang tight I'm gonna talk a lot more about how Medicaid works. And and later on we'll have some other formations while but let's not forget the senior care live. Question of the week. If a nursing home is designated as a special focus facility by Medicare. This is anything good designation or. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about this program and how. He can help you and your family collar toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again 1803316445. And if you don't have a radio or fear of you know out of thick the coverage area no worries at all. This program will stream live to any electronic device it's very simple go to senior care live dot com. Click on the listen live button given a few seconds to connect and you can tune into this program. Stream it live tear your phone or tablet computer. What every you have and it really is that simple. OK let's get back to the senior care live question of the week. If a nursing home is designated. As a special focus facility by Medicare. Is this a a good designation. Or beat. Is this a bad designation in the answer yes. Eat it is a bad day designation fact. It's say Iran really had designation. It would sell it if you think about going to team. Considering moving into a nursing home. And and you go to Medicare dot gov nursing home compare which I'm gonna talk about later in the program and you see. A special focus facility. Title next to that. Run don't walk. OK EE just don't wanna go there they're given time to turn it around emptive. Address issues and to make improvements. And put that behind them back in there and there are a bad way you have to try really really really hard. Too upset. CMS centers for Medicare Medicaid. The EU have to. You have to screw up really badly and for a long time over and over again. To get their attention to actually earned that designation should just don't go there it and look. They'll get it turned around one way or the other and so but make I wouldn't I just I wouldn't I just would go. All right let's jump back into how Medicaid works we talked about it's an it's an asset test. You spend your accountable assets illiquid assets down to 2000 in Kansas or less 999 dollars in Missouri and boom year and and if you that where. Where you get the big problem with these major complexities as if you're a couple and you're doing net division of assets and that's where you get. At an end in two lots and lots of different rules that can get you in big trouble. As always I always and will forever recommend. Contacts a qualified. Elder law. Firm to help you with this they deal with this 24 hours today. And they know the rules and they know the recent changes in how that affects you. They also know how to protect assets if that's applicable in your situation. Dude this is by and I'm not disparaging anyone else who does this okay who tries to help. A lot of a lot of facilities why have I have a personnel that would help you out through the Medicaid application and I think that's perfectly fine. For enix just a very basic extremely simple stand out. From a single person that you did in two. Division of assets for a couple and forget about it I'm sorry but that's not gonna work its in your best interest. To go to an elder law attorney to get that one handle. OK but Steve we get it out to 2000 dollars but the and we have income coming in every single much how does that work and how does that affect. My standout that's a very good point your income as a separate matter so your assets are very clearly very. Very black and white had spent down to that dollar and and it triggers Medicaid. Medicaid approval. So how's your income works so you have to take. Let's look at of course and in the case of a nursing home you take your total income for the month. You deduct enough to pay your Medicare premiums here are parts part. You park effort gee what are your Medicare supplemental plans so you you pay your health insurance out of your income. And then you get what's called a personal needs allowance in Kansas you get to keep 62 dollars a month in Missouri get to keep fifty dollars a month. Don't spend it all in one place. By itself it it's not much delegates she a Coke and a Snickers bar now and then her haircut. Or are maybe you know lunch out somewhere he'll once in awhile not much money to be fair Medicaid's gonna pay everything else so you're and come. Minus the cost of your insurance premiums for Medicare. You keep 62 boxing Kansas fifty bucks in Missouri and then whatever is left over goes to the nursing home. As what I just call it a co pay. I think to call the the resident liability and all this kind of stuff it's a co pay. So every single Mike do you have Nextel has come an end. You pay your Medicare premiums you keep your health insurance up to keep its fifty or 62 bucks whatever is left over goes to the nursing home. And then Medicaid pays the nursing home the difference it's just very. Very black and white very very simple. Now most people don't know this but even the nursing home has a contribution. To this side to it to this this model. So in this that this is a real number actually for local nursing help let's say they they charge normally would charge about 200 dollars per day. Well because there Medicaid certified they've agreed to. To accept as payment in full what Medicaid is willing to reimburse them and that number changes on the quarterly basis. So this particular nursing home I looked them up in their receiving. 182 dollars and 47 cents. Every single day so they write off the difference between their normal billed amount of 200. And that 18247. Though right down off every single day except the 18247. As a payment in full and it and don't they have an investment in this model so between. Your excess income. So your income minus your health insurance minus a little bit of spending money. I'm Medicaid pays the majority of it in the nursing home offers a little bit of a discount and that is exactly. How it works I'm not gonna get into Medicaid. And assisted living basically because it just doesn't pay enough to make it worth it. It in Missouri they'll pay a whopping 292 dollars a month. No thank you that just that that sounds nice but it's not enough. To help someone who makes 17100 dollars a month pay for a 4500. Dollar a month assisted living facility it's not enough. In Kansas it's a little bit better but it's still generally speaking not enough a few exceptions to that. But generally speaking to family would have to come up with a 10200 dollars to maybe. 12100 to 15100 dollars a month to contribute to that model make it work so. For all practical purposes. Medicaid is not paying for assisted living. Now what if you have the need to have an asset protection strategy. So remember that the the wife is gonna be at home in my previous example and then the husband is gonna spend down. You may be able to again working with equality. Elder law attorney. Have them purchase a single premium immediate annuity for the majority of that spend down. And turn that into an income for the at home spouse and then get the institutionalized spouse to spouse in the nursing home. Qualified for Medicaid almost immediately. And there's there's there a reason. That that is really important and and I'm giving you shorten this up because I can't believe we're almost out of time. For our second segment but at home spouse is going to lose. All or a significant amount of of the spouse's income. To that nursing home. Okay and I'm I can go through that gets really complicated and on that on that I calculation but the bottom line is she just lost a 100000 dollars. And she still has to heaven and come to live independently at home. In self that's why you wanna look at an asset protection strategy to protect. The at home spouse's ability to continue to live independently. And I sales complex that's right it is and I'm gonna happen a whole lot more. Why after the break stay tuned. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network for more information about this program and how. How we can help you and your family call our toll free number any time 1800. 3316445. Operators are always standing by we will not miss your call 180331. 6445. And don't forget. If you ever miss an episode of senior care lives I'd say you're out of town. Or round or are you were busier whatever the case is or if you know someone who you think can block Cha I wish I wish all sort of her debt. No worries at all after the fact very simple just go to senior care live dot com. Click on the podcast tab and then you can go over and listen to you what any of the previously aired episodes you can see them by date. And they'll be just a quick little overview of what's covered on that particular program super simple hundreds and hundreds of people. Listen to the podcasts each and every month so feel free and help yourself. All right so I set I was gonna move on the you know what the more I think about it I am gonna back up. On this on this Medicaid it's my program mark writes I can change the rules anytime I want mark marked just gave me the thumbs up on that cell. So so let's take a look at this so this Medicaid. Why is it important I I kind of glossed over this medic this asset protection strategy here is why it's important. Okay especially if you have the husband moving to the nursing home. I'm way way way back in the day and we're talking what we're talking people who were in their the seventies go way well into their nineties who may need. Care and nursing home. Back back in the day and many many of the wives stayed home and they raised the kids and that's a huge job. And make us what it doesn't pay money. And so that decreases your Social Security. When you you know when the when you reenter the workforce etc. your Social Security payments and your your income generally speaking. It tends to be lower the sand save the other spouse do was out you know paying social security and didn't have that. 161820. Year gap in employment there. So it's really really important to give the at home spouse the community spells the ability to continue. To pay. Taxes and utilities and keep the house up and yet and just remain independent. That's why it's important in you can buy it and again you and I cannot just go out and buy one of these he has this single premium immediate need immunity. This is a special contract written by very few carriers but equality again Nicole Lee elder law attorney. All the law firm will be able to do this for you and and yes a has a fee involved the trust me it's well worth it you don't wanna mess around this on your own and you don't wanna leave money on the table because she half to. Protect the at home spouse and here's why. Let's say they're bringing in 2700 dollars a month in income. This is a part I wasn't gonna go into the idea I'm I'm gonna do it right now. So if he goes to the nursing home his 19100. Dollar monthly income goes with him and she has 800 bucks a month. You can't pay for anything for 800 dollars a month. Right now. Getting into another layer of complexity the minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance of the minimum. Monthly income that the at home spouse. Can keep according to all these rules is 2003 dollars. So the good news is that she can keep 12103 dollars of his income to add to her money. To get her up to 2003. Dollars per month so it's not the full yet but she's still taking you hit them almost 700 dollars a month. When he moves to that nursing home. That is how many of us. Myself. Market and all of our listeners how many of us. Starting tomorrow. Can withstand. A 700 dollar a month decrease in our income. And I would say not too many of us I know that would I couldn't do it like I need every I need every dollar my income. In most people do. That is why it's critically important. To discuss asset protection strategies. From an experienced and qualified. Elder law attorney so I'll be sure to jump right on naps and and do not delay I would call them. Immediately. Ladies and gentlemen your attention please this is consumer alert and consumer alerts. All right I mentioned earlier that we're gonna jumping into this nursing home compare. And the out one to five star rating systems. Four around for this nursing home compare so first of all to find out this information in this is on nursing home three can go out and they have. One star rating following a two a five star rating but that gets re I'm gonna break that download before you today. The warning is don't hang your hat on that rating don't put all your eggs in that basket. You should not do that so first all the find information go to Medicare. Dot gov Medicare dot gov and then on the left hand side scroll down you'll see nursing home compare. And then you click on nabbed in and you can enter your city and state and it would give you a list of nursing homes and their ratings in all the break doubts. So back in December of 2008 CMS which is Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS and enhanced. There existing system to include a number of quality measures and then they added the star rating system. Okay is the Medicare one to five star rating system it's a combination. But the annual health care inspections like home health care surveys. But it's when the state comes in unannounced. And in and did just finds out what you're doing wrong and then they tell you about it and you have to fix it. So it's it's very good for the consumer not so fun to be on the receiving end that but very good information for the consumer. I'd also look at how you perform on various quality measures and your staffing levels and then all of these have averages and compare and contrast. To see where you rank so that annual healthcare survey your health inspection. Is where they start in this is the base. A debt star calculation. Now once the surveys star rating is determined. That's for that annual health inspection that's the base they can only add or subtract. Two stars from that base so they put a heavy weight on those annual healthcare inspections. They look at the last three surveys which is I think that's right on point with a lot more weight put on the most current. Surveys so they put half of the waits on the most current health care inspection or health care survey. A third the weight on the one before that in 16 of the weight on the one before that. So for all the math contraction nerds out there that's 36 on the current one. 26 on the previous one and 16 on the oldest wants a so it's it this rolling average it's constantly. Moving through time and then again they can add or subtract one star relative to your staffing levels. And that would be a combination of the levels of registered nurses. At that our hands LP ends CMA. Isn't CNA is. And they can also some distract us attract once star. If the staffing rating is one star you can add one star. If the staffing rating is fortified target still complexes is getting right markets over here kind of smile would like. Nobody had debts debts yucky what day it is yucky. I saw the point is they look at your staffing. And you can pop up or or drop down once star than the quality measures they can add a star rating or subtracting. So here is the major issue that I have with the system it's all based on average snow for example. Well I'll just around the numbers the average senses the average number of residents in the Kansas searching homes fifty. The average number of health care deficiencies. Is ten and I'm doing surrounding for some easy math here. That's a deficiency. That's that's a a rate of one deficiency. Her five residents living in the nursing homes so. Here's my question. This is a big one. So what if you're carrying 4200. Residents because I have some of these places are pretty small some of them are huge. So what if you're caring for 200 residents. Should if we cap the proportionality. Okay. Shouldn't you be able to have forty deficiencies and still be average. In my opinion that's how it should work but. There's no allowance for Ford this discrepancy. In the number of residents install a new look at the deficiencies may apply points. And then it's all one rated on a curve and you have a certain percentage as five. Certain percentage as one into an in the rest are three enforced so. You've got this this bell curve going on and that's supposed to averages out the bottom line is I just don't think this perfectly works. It just and it doesn't workday that way for this larger. Place if you had over ten deficiencies. Your star rating. For your health inspections will drop dramatically and this is the base for your over all. Star rating and guess what everyone does they go out and they look at the stars all I'm only interested in a five star but that doesn't tell the whole story. And one or two stars that doesn't tell the whole story either as a lot more there's a lot in the layers to that onion so to speak you've got to come peel back in figured out. So yeah I love the fact that there's just this tremendous amount of information available much better than we had before. However I just I just think they're just still several summer issues here's one quick example. There is a large facility. And it and they they and they do care for about 200 residents. And on one of the most recent safe surveys cite health care inspections they had three. Efficient seats for 200 residents that's almost impossible it's a spectacular. Performance. And they got bumped up one star. Two or three. That just doesn't tell the whole story. Right so so you have to be careful. And who do not ever. Hang your hat and put too much emphasis on the one to five star Medicare star rating system. Proceed with caution pieces and consumer alerts and T my senior care lie. All right hopefully that was that was pretty clear you just just don't that's part of the puzzle. Look at his star rating that you have to go back in you have to look at some track records you have to interpret some of these numbers. And guess what we do a senior care consulting meet his dad for a client. We're gonna have a whole lot more right after the break do not know when. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care liable on the senior care broadcasting that. Worked for more information about this program how we can help your family collar toll free number any time 1800. 3316445. Again the toll free number any time 1803316445. And just like I did with the with Theo with that last segment I'm gonna back up. And just say that this is why. And my firm's senior care consulting this is why we put so much emphasis. On that health care survey but we're also not just the most recent one. We wanted to know you know where where do we come from here so we may be doing very well today. And maybe we didn't do too well the previous two years so what that tells me as were on and we're on the right trend we're on an. On an upward trend of improvement. You can go the other way. So if we had if we have a really bad performance on our honor. Health inspection. But we've we've done a really good job in the past well now were will go on the wrong way we're we're going downhill. In so we need to look a little deeper into the deal what what is causing that. And here we had a change in administration that we had a change in. It in ownership may be we have maybe it's a little disruptive there. With changes in a lot of the key personnel I don't know that there can be a lot of different reasons for that that you have to look. Deeper then 1234. Or five stars. On a computer. Screen you just have to do it some of the quality measures I I like some of them. And I'm not I don't like some of the Catholic but and then added several as of last July a 2016. But in percentage of residents whose ability to move independently worsened. OK and so again they're just looking at averages. A percentage of high risk residents with pressure ulcers or you know the best source of precision residents. Whose physical function improves from admission to discharge since they've improved under your state or have they not. That's one of the short stay. Measurements are quality measurements have to looking out a percentage of residents experiencing one or more falls. With major injury obviously less is better. One that was added does this last July. Percentage of residents who were re hospitalized. After nursing home admission. That might say that maybe they were discharged too soon. And then if you go back to the hospital too soon. And the hospitals can get penalized for that so. This gets again this whole thing gets really complicated as well. Percentage of residents who were successfully discharged. To the community so it discharged back cult so there's some really good information and happy you really. Really and seriously truly you have to dig down. And and get a feel for that in look for some of these trends. I'd that you that you want to identify are we going in the right direction or are we going in the wrong direction and again. My firm senior care consulting 9139452800. When we work with our clients. We analyze all of that for you and then we report that information to you in very simple easy to understand way. It's to make you to help you. When you're making me of one of the biggest decisions that he'll ever make in your entire lifetime if you're interested and having us help you oh. Find the right fit at the facility level of care assisted living nursing home memory care involving alzheimer's or dementia care. Or maybe all of the above in a continuing care retirement community. Paulus for a free consultation 9139452800. Will come out. I will visit with you'll find out about your situation more like you know. How are placement services work we will provide you a flat fee for service quotes. At that meeting and and at that point it's totally up to you whether you wanna move forward or not. In so and the reason there's a fee for service with our program. Is that we did not receive one penny. Or reimbursement from any care provider that's completely unethical in my opinion I'll like it I do not like it. I think it's I can't adjust to total conflict of interest one have anything to do with it so we have a good working a business relationship. With that with all of the care providers here in town. But the bottom line is we work for you we represent you just like. Europe and tax accountant or your attorney or any other professional service provider that is helping you through a process that's what we do senior care consulting. 9139452800. Okay I'm not a touch on this just very briefly. I've I've. I've I've made this warning to a lot of people in enough in the business it especially in the senior care. Market here a that I owned by Warren might my friends and health care regarding recommendations. Okay recommending. In particular facility either one of their clients many good people from various senior care communities. And hospitals law firm's financial firms insurance groups. Home care agencies home health. Providers hospice providers in many others routinely recommend assisted living facilities nursing homes. Solely based on the fact that you know someone who works there and that is just not a good idea. OK so so take this in the spirit that it's meant so it's say is just a friendly reminder I just wanna I'm gonna get little edgy with here but I wanna. Make you think I into our listeners. Listen to the recommendation and then if it's someone recommend something to you think about what I'm getting what I discovered here. OK so wind when you recommend a place to two what are your patients or or or a friend etc. etc. Okay do you really know if Depp plays is the best fit for these people are not have you developed to care profile. Do you know there needs to you know the level of care in the type of care. You know how they're gonna pay for do you know their location preferences do you know anything about it or you just referring down. To your body that you just had lunch her adult beverages width. I just think about that for a second. Are you 100%. Confidence. That they will do this facility. Will do a great job for these people. So what happens if you recommend this particular facility. Then that resident has a poor experience and now guess what that person in their whole family they blame you rule. For recommending that place. So here's the big question are you willing to put your reputation on the line. The reputation that you were two years in May be decades. To develop are you willing to put it on the line at the expense of the actions and potential mistakes. Of every single caregiver in staff and that facility. If you think about debt for about two seconds. That should put a chill right down your spine that's that's scary now let me put this into action. This was on their case and KE SHB channel 41 it's been a couple years back. And a doctor said all you should just take your grapple over here to. I won't name the facility there RD in enough trouble. An end and give you get rehab there. And then grandpa had it and they interviewed the family. Graham Barr had concerns from. He was he was communicating with his family and his granddaughter does something wrong here than not answering my call I tell my getting my medication on time. And guess what happened. This man was dead in three days. Okay. So this particular report. Did not say that it was the fault of the facility because why there is a huge investigation. And their attorneys involved and then I guess is gonna be called in to part of that. Part of that legal action. The attorneys disable. Why did you send your grandpa too blah blah blah. Nursing home they're gonna say oh doctor. Blah blah blah recommended it Doctor Who don't know what what was his name if you happen to have his phone number. Just just don't yet know the bottom might just be careful when discussing senior care facilities and protect yourself. And have the people you're talking to help them seek out unbiased objective resource has had them do the maximum amount of research. Before making. Such a critical decision and take yourself out of staff recommendation would. That's my friendly warning to all my friends in the business world and two in the health care world. All right wow that was a busy program that went so fast. It's everyone listening I just wanna thank you for spending part of your day tuning into this program. I'm your host Steve keep her and I wish you. Grace and peace and may god bless you and your family on this day and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lie.