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Do you. You're listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi I'm Megan NASDAQ from the retirement news network as always enjoyed by Alan backer of retirement solutions group we're glad you're spending said. I'm with us today. If you have any questions about today's show topic reached out Allen and his team here's the number it's 9136859. Ports UTU. 913685914. To his website it's RS GUSA. Dot net today we're talking about retirement savings and more specifically some of the proven strategies for growing and protecting the money you worked so hard to save in the last segment we discussed growing your money let's now turn to some of the steps to help protect your principal from market volatility in talent. You mentioned the importance of balancing growth and protection with the assets that comprise your retirement savings. And you mentioned that people are protecting their principal from. Market volatility eggs are they doing that. Hey you know in the first section as we've been talking about a team elation of assets of these you've got to figure out what the future purposes and once you figure that out you should. Be re balancing your portfolio regularly and figuring out what types of vehicles you'd wanna use. To control that volatility when I'm talking about it you know when you have a 2008 market drops. 3040% to me at your allocated even more. Or shoots up. You know what people do typically is a chase returns and I can show you a chart how we come and visit with me that you know it's it's looking at all the different asset classes. Security year and think about that chart is it's so colorful and it's all over the place because. Typically. There's no consistency to what was the top asset class one year to what was the lowest asset class or near. It changes every year than the way it was at the top doesn't. Typically stay the top and what was the bottom doesn't day at the bottom usually flip around one year. The largest sort of the the highest earning asset class might be the lowest the following year says you're chasing returns yellowish and be one step behind the game. But if you use a appropriately balanced portfolio. C this'll talented Morningstar reports for people now have 520. Positions. And I show one of our institutional portfolios. And have a porcelain there's 101000 positions 5000 stock positions and in 5000 bond positions let's say they were. We've built this to the benchmark finished you know historically outpacing a benchmark vs just nearing the S and he usually falling short. To just sell many ways to build a portfolio and your work it was somebody. That's a fiduciary were you working with somebody that has a series 65. License that gives them the ability to work with facets of her mantra to build this. These foreclose or work with money managers and not just make a commission to buy and sell stocks bonds and mutual funds. It's a completely different world one that I feel that our listeners definitely owe it to themselves suit to experience if you're not Ari working with somebody. And the way to find that out and making a lot of people don't realize is he still pretends this thing called Google right. And you just put an or broker checked and offender laps at a show up you can put their name and there you know the company put that in their and then. While I you've got how many years experience how many tests they pass when they passed it work with any criminal history any legal issues. Any easy just get a a wealth of breath of knowledge and information Barack found people that have tax liens and honestly you really wanna financial advisor that can't pay their taxes just. Common sense things out there. We should know about the people you're working and that's what I'm trying to put forth is that there are some really good people out there. And I would love for you come out and visit with retirement solutions group. And Seaway. Tina I have. Put together and assembled to help you in what we can do for you. And creating our routes they retire process and take you through that process. You need to gale and it's going to address things like getting your numbers I mean this is now off the shelf report this is gonna have your stop and you're gonna tell me what you you know where your work and how much Jamaican we're gonna look at. Your pension. You shall security history we're gonna look at how much you have an assets how much you have an expenses and that. We're gonna look at what would happen if you had a market correction ordered a look at pre retirement post retirement long term care all of these different areas nine different sections and air. We can look at our d.s we can look at latter with you this only different things in the software. And then what we've come to a place where they are your numbers you agree with everything we've found a plan that we wanna work. We gonna bind that together we're gonna give you that as saying. Something to come back and refer to each and every time we get together so we can make sure that we're on track we stay on track we rebalance regularly. I just the value of that. How ages has so much I don't know who could listen to this and not want one of those reports because it just gives you some guidance. Let's put one together for 913685. 94229136859422. For 35 and Metcalf give us a call. Don't let another day go by nature you reach out to Alan and the team again it's 9136859422. They're talking about Allen's dinner workshops these are just fantastic. And fun events. In addition to meeting Alan and getting to pick his brain a little bit on. Creating that retirement income stream that so important you also get to have a great meal get out meet other people were headed injury tire meant. So sign up for that just head over to our SG usaid dot net and you confined the events tapping get registered and he holds those all your lungs he can find one that's convenient for you. Talent I wanna talk just a little bit more here about annuities as a an income stream. And I know there's a lot to learn and there are so many types but. What kind exactly do you think is really worth focusing on. Moody's said. There's a lot of different kinds of and they all have their specific purpose and I would start by saying as a fiduciary. Everybody's situation is unique. And we wanna make sure that the product we use is dictated by the solution unique. But by favorite type of product that typically works so get your unique situation Levy different is at. Equity indexed annuity because of Matt style we're able to you captioning gains of the market. And not the losses in other words it has they typical of a floor of zero. So on a down year in the market you don't lose anything you know make you think we ought to play catchup the following year. There are those that have writers on on that can provide guaranteed income later even increasing in camp. So they can add a lot of peace of mind to retire and probably not right for everything. Probably right for something that you just got you go through the analysis go to that route or retire process and figure out what vehicle would work which carrier. They are backed by the claims paying ability of the cure each usually wanna use a strong carrier but you know you've got to. At least investigate. Should have used in an elite are not having howdy all the questions at that and now in a little light of caution here something that's closer near and dear to my heart is. That many times people visit with an insurance agent who tells about an annuity. That's sounds great but is that insurance agent also talking about there mutual funds or stocks eccentric. Probably not because they're not license and and or I should say they shouldn't be unless there license and battery and as well on the flip side. LV what they. As get a securities license maybe it's a six or sixty dig itself mutual funds and stocks and maybe there's a name on the door when these big names that we've all heard these big retail shops. And they're told what they can offer. For whatever reason maybe. It's because of their revenue sharing agreements maybe it's because of just their relationship with a another. Mutual fund family or something good they're told what they can't can't offer. If that person not an insurance agent or their captive and can't go out and the open market. You may not be getting the full story are fact you probably are not in the full story you really should talk to somebody who's independent. Who has not only a. Securities license one that makes them all under the fiduciary standard which again is a 65 or 66 license and they should answer that question if you ask if not you know it's a check my broker check. These second outside of that is are they licensed. In the injured during a tuning go to your state insurance website look under agency licensing agent licensing and find out. How many companies license with how long they've been in the industry you know I'd like to pages of a company appointments and as an issue for eighteen years plus. That is some staying power that is some history and since you have both licenses I can talk about both sides. And because of dominating licenses the fiduciary. Always have to work your best interest when you put all the pieces together and that the fact we work with an estate planning attorney. We do work with tax people we have a mortgage person that that's in our offices while we look at all those different pieces we really can assist Stephen. One of my staff as. Just. All she does as. Handle. Helping people with the Medicare claims and things of that nature we don't work for Medicare. But we do help what Medicare insurance Medicare supplements you can really get everything handled under one roof so to speak. But you know. When you say annuities they're not right for everybody they're definitely not wrong for everybody. It's a very miss understood under utilized but very important vehicle and can add. That one element that you may be missing that gives you the understanding that no matter what. That payment is gonna happen each and every month for the rest of your life. The rest of your spouse's life but. Caution they're not all the same there's variable there sticks there's fixed index there's different companies that date rape differently. You know in my own recent. Family. We've had two situations one where my grumble she's ninety back. Should be honored here and a few weeks and when she was 95 she had she had an annuity with. Variable product and they senator a a letter saying a year 95 you out of the contract you know you need to here here's your money back but it had you know in a variable country it. Was susceptible to market losses but unlike these fixed the next ones so she got back lessons she put it. Country early she had a fixed products she's at the last ten years and about 68 months ago she got a letter. Eight year 99. That is do that but you bought a Patrick it's good for ten years ten years now we need to know what to do with this. Well we went in and investigated what was best for. She had get this. From a 30000 dollar deposit 270000. Dollars she had a made a 150000. Dollars this fixed vehicle huh. Over the last you know umpteen years now her results are hers not years. But that is amazing piece of mine safety and she was able to do that inside a fixed vehicle that's a lot of people have told her no don't do that. Why because it is simple it's easy they don't get charged or make money off of. You having assets under management or by an insult stocks all the time it's Alex that it forget it. So olives and Mahan is there's a lot of different vehicles up there I am pro stock market and you can make a lot of money there over the long haul you've got to adequately balanced portfolio. I know we can use an annuity for those things that you want to know better based claims paying ability of that carrier. And how perform but that your income is guaranteed through that product. That's good piece of my dad you're so scared me if you can imagine future all of your required funds a year in cab. Your paycheck and your play check all of that. And have that money guaranteed warrior. Granted you have to depend on the insurance company. I think a lot of these companies are pretty darn big and that's not the bigger and what guarantees you have in the stock market not rate and no insurance that's as scared you so two different hats to different licenses to different product lines you should be talking to somebody. That is licensed to talk about both areas and how did they play nice together how they work together if this is resonating with the F you know. You owe it to yourself to comment and sit down and get your questions answered challenged me to figure out. Hey should not be using an annuity should I be using the stock market wire people tell me not to use new anywhere other people tell me to use an annuity ever figured out. I will do this for you at no cost no obligation if you party out and anyone I have compared to look at you just bought wanna wanna look at whatever the reason. I don't mind I will sit out what do you wanna my team members will will each take care of 9136859422. It really could be. While the most important calls. That she ever make but how you know if you don't call 9136859422. Had used grant in saved for retirement or are you looking to the prospect of coming up short. Well next Allan good outlines of tips and tricks for taking steps to help your nest eggs survivability. At street ahead. This is retire rights with valid Becker and under retirement. News network. Whether you're approaching retirement or already retired transitioning into retirement can be daunting. Where he can incoming. What is the market drops how should you take Social Security. Joint retirement solutions group and are risky investments for a discussion about these factors and more. All well retirement solutions group treats you to a complimentary dinner at 801 chop house and leeway. You pick a day 6 PM on Tuesday may sixteen point Thursday may eighteenth at 801 chop house in league play. Reservations are required so call 9136859422. To reserve your seat today that's 9136859422. Seating is limited so call now to learn more about these events and how you can attend. Retirement solutions group. 9136859422. Or online at RS team. Usaid dot net investment advisory services offered through eighteen wealth management LLC. You are listening to retire right with Allan Becker. By the retirement. News network. I it's Megan Zach from the retirement news network here with Alan backer of retirement solutions group and talent can help you get the results you want for your retirement if you ready to get started roll up your sleeves and dive in give them a call today 9136859422. And if you'd like to perhaps get more insight on some of the topics were really focused on today you can get those questions answered. By using that number 913685914. To reach out to the team our retirement solutions group. You know legendary football coach Vince Lombardi Allen he once said winning isn't everything it's the only thing he hadn't had added it really does applied retirement savings scheme where losing. Is just not an option so if losing the savings game is not an option for people heading toward retirement. What do people who haven't saved enough yet you know the numbers I tossed out of the top of the show suggests we've got a lot of baby boomers out there their finding themselves in that kind of a predicament so when a client like that approaches you Allan what are some of the tips that you. Offered help them make up for lost ground. Pagan that's a tough one because it really depends on how old and how much time and what they're earning capacity still lives and you know but I would tell you if you do what I retire at some point you need act is deaf so if you order retired two years junior used to live in Nike got twenty years to retirement you're not putting enough away youth you've got to look at that so for example let's say you make. 70000 dollars a year console security and make 30000 dollars a year. You platter retired two years and haven't saved a lot but you better start live and on 30000 a year Mallon put the other thirty away because that's where you're going to be in two years. Sometimes people look like. A lot of sets but I can't do that how he'd retire so it all depends on your age what you have the ability to spend and what your resource absorbing. That's why there's some alternative ideas out there as well we will suggest reverse mortgages to sub people in Millen offer ourselves we have relationship was with somebody that'll help us with or you know look at annuities TiVo's income because they'll pass when were out of money in the sense of the right and knew he separate away you don't like in a writer. We'll give you a check even when the counted zero for those you never investigated if fixed indexed and he what I sinister or they will pay you even when they're out of money. So it's worth looking no other vehicle does that. So in essence. He's got to look at. All the alternatives especially if you you know it's it's too many people have them pay for their kids college they'll pay for their kids student loans and and help them out add to their own detriment in their kids that we want to buy. Garrett take care of yourself at some point to you have to be prepared because. Are those kids' collection of the with them later and take care of you when you need it maybe they will that he wanted that. You know there's again a lot of questions everybody's different everybody unique but I don't think your retirement plan should be I'm gonna go broken move my kids. If it is it is. But if it's not. You gotta look at all those other ideas there's a lot of ways that will use life insurance solid for legacy. But inside of a life insurance policy we can create tax free income down the road. Using the loan provisions I mean there's a lot of technicality that goes into that but it's a rather simple process because there's products designed for it and weakened moderate those to make sure they're working force we have safe money alternatives out there that is that Libyan embassy about you could DNA. We caught option C but it's it's option where you have liquidity or money and you growth what you don't have brisk. There's so many different things out there that most people are aware of because they're talking to somebody. That's one sided or nodded to the fact there today. Specific. I'd tree take if you're at a steakhouse oysters steak instead of one minute also serves fashion you'd you'd need some it has bulk of those everything. So retirement it's a fantastic thing everybody wants to get there and if you haven't started planning. Listen to me now start immediately. Hit a game plan. Even if that. Is work until you're seventy you're gonna become a Wal-Mart reader putting some more back whatever it is he had the worst days in my life or what I have to Cameron and I visit was somebody and they say I've got nothing I've got bad health and I just got to work holiday guys are indeed you do and I really look at their correcting their. House of their. They have no life insurance they can't get any has an army of Al and they can barely work a national security asset that is a good percentage of the population. South so for some people. It may be too late for most there's a solution if you're willing to look at it. For others they're blast they have the ability to choose whether they ought to fly coach or fly first class. But the in their problems are different or unique to that so whatever level the year act. You've taken time to listen to the show maybe you've taken time to go to a retirement says seminar workshop here there. Come to mind come and visit with me see how we're a little unique. I might be a little different and I might be able to show you some areas that you have a product for explain it a little differently. So anyway we can help I would love to you take your calls have you come and visit with me sent out with us and make our time your time no cost no obligation to do that. At just for phone call 9136859422. Since 913685. 9422. An challenge website it's RS GUSA. Dot net or glad you're with us today and other steps should a person considered taking this up their retirement savings in other words what strategies do you think are really effective right now as you're working with pre retirees. You know as we were talking out moments ago everybody is at a different stage in depending on your stage in retirement are planning for retirement. Sometimes you take a little more aggressive approach sometimes you can take a little more conservative just remember and you know it is have a test you can do in your mind or your drive in or listen to the show is you know if you lost 200000 dollars how would that affect you. Could be pretty detrimental. But if you've made another 200 is that really you change your life having her Wear US. In their retirement landscape so to speak it based on that we kind of start thinking about our restarts and adjusting and as we get closer and closer to the the golden age of retirement or unemployment as we elect refer to occasionally so I like the idea of looking at something like around to retire process of having a plan having a process and going through that it's methodical and you're addressing social securities and pensions and assets and liabilities and taxes and all the things that you need to inflation to make sure. That you can. Have a planner guide post to make it to and to retire is at full growth now now they're can be curve balls out there we trapped plan for those two and then based on need. We know what money we should be more conservative. So if you satisfied that it can meet there we might is an annuity if you're open to that fantastic. We might use in managed port for this bill on your risk tolerance that has hired dividend paying choose yes to that place really it's about looking at our choices our options with so many of them that as a fiduciary kit is given out salute and say I would use this or this. What I do is I build the plan to do you follow that route covered tyra processed skated down in writing so you have. Roadmap if you will to follow and then by an add up for a give it you know let you know we come back year after year. And we're always following that model that guideposts rebalancing to make sure that any major changes or anything it means he modified we can readjust it just makes for a workable plan. I think that's what. Our retirees are missing and that's what a lot of people are missing is that comfort. To know if they're doing the right thing wearing white that they. That column second opinions. There's those of us out there that are that do it yourself for saint. They do their own investing and I you know around that all the time and I'm. Know a lot of the people who listen to talk radio they elected dabble and do their own. Investor that's fantastic but there's got to come a time. When you look at a fixed index do you think that's part of what your place should be in you don't have the ability to write yourself could you don't have an insurance license so you can feminine and use us to make she separate product and the right solution. Or there may come a time where you recovery of eleven and they say this is occupied too much time. I wanna go on vacation let's go in you say you know what enough enough. I'll do my E*Trade account or something but. I'm gonna go ahead and turn the reins over on them on the management because as it does occupy a lot of time it's it can be complex but if you're still enjoying. Find out how much you wanna work with and keep working with that that you do not wanna work with that you do not wanna risk that that you don't quite. Or the US assistance where it's you're not comfortable. Working way if you know that portion that's for you find out. A financial professional that's where you find a fiduciary somebody do this issue. So it's not all or nothing new thing you know and it just as you listen to me wants the radio I'm Smart enough to know that as a man just automatically gain your trust set out with me cumin and visit. Let's go through the route to retire process let's give you. A plan built up something that you can follow and see if that doesn't make you feel a little bit better knowing you have that information which we do each and every day for our clients and hopefully what we do for you'll. Will be what you need and that's what we're here for is to show you what we can do and provided information that you hopefully oh. Puts him at the right path and direction. And in give you what you're missing or are what you maybe looking for. I have to do is pick up the phone 9136859422. And went 368594. Teach you and what will do is take your numbers your figures will build that around him retire process. It will give you that road map and that's what I think you'll need and you enjoy and you'll feel better for donut and you've got nothing to risk the time because there's no cost there's no obligation. 9136859422. We are 435 or Metcalf here in Overland Park, Kansas a blue that is as completely. As we can locate ourselves. And that's which are due helping each and every day. I went 36859422. Allan if some antics of the phone and calls today and again that number 913685942. Cute does obligate them to something did they automatically become a client how does that work. Absolutely not you know this is one of those businesses that is based on trust flake like most and trust dessert it is not just given so we know that and I feel that we have the ability to earn your trust and our knowledge and our staff and what we've put together to go speak for itself. So no cost no obligation and and we're not in any assumption you're not you know policies saying if you come and you get the information that you need and it it's not a right fit paid. Hopefully we'll shake hands and part as friends but you know. My hope my desires that we're going to make some good acquaintances. Finding common bond to work with each other and it's going to be something that you want to do that you're asking asked how can I become a party your client and what happened a ten year. Different client events and in in what you built here. I think it's something that that my family wants that's that's or hope or I think that says we got our best foot forward and we're always worker from our hearts. That pitch tags through and you'll see what's what it is that I am hoping you're gonna see we become so please take time take the opportunity O'Costa no obligation to come and visit 913685. 914 to. 965. 422. You've been listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. 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