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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, April 9th

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This these three tire right with Allen back here. And the retirement views networks may get most active. Allah is the president and CEO what the retirement solutions group. With more than eighteen years of financial experience Alan and his team will help preserve and maintain his client's way of life. And the legacy they leave behind. This is retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement news network. I its mega NASDAQ from the retirement news networks so pleased to be here with Alan backer of retirement solutions group. I'd like to give you Allen's phone number as we start the show. It's 913685. 942. To have any questions about what Alan and I are discussing today on the show any topics that come up that you like to talk with him about. And give him a call he'd be happy to answer your questions that's 9136859422. Well this last election year it's certainly was a roller coaster and I think it's pretty clear that as a country. We are divided were split when it comes to politics but I'll talk about something that actually. Unites us rather than divides us because even though we are divided politically we've got those red states and Blue States. Where acts in a purple when it comes to one thing and that is. Our desire to be independent to call our own financial shot and lived the lifestyle that we've always dreamt of during the course of our retirement. An Allen I wanna totti about this about trying to find some of that common ground. Takes radio it's always a pleasure being here bring your rate and and we are definitely a diverse nation but work. United on the idea of retirement now everyone likes to get to that quote unquote golden years and most of us who would like to consider ourselves up prepared for that but statistics come in the plane and tell us on a good portion of us according to 2016. Findings from the employee benefits research institute the percentage of workers are very topic about having enough money for or retirements the end only it's 21%. 90% are not at all confident and 26%. So that they and their spouses are saving less than a thousand dollars retire and that's us down rushing. How some people are 188 retirement just have not prepared well that those numbers are there. Much lower than I thought they were gonna be that's a pretty big wake up call I guess we can call it so I need. This is it common ground we want to be steaming on radeon I mean. This is some pretty shaky grounds so I think or question is is individuals as couples. How we make up for lost ground when it when we're talking about retirement savings and were talking about that approaching retirement date is there are weighed two. How I don't know at accelerate our retirement nest eggs it is do you feel a little bit more confidence you know it's gonna last. Sherri you know you brought some of mine there I've got three boys and two of them there and cub scouts and I you know I think it when I was a youngster thousand Boy Scouts you know the motto be prepared and it just seemed like a lot of us are not prepared yet and and we want our kids to be individuals you know. Good parts of society you know are we want our kids to help out at me and know what The Who had the division right or wrong just be good kids but we just wanted to be individuals. Says he's kind of a little idea that eat up your best friend jumps up Brady you know all along. Suit or you see a whole bunch of people standing Larry unity saying we want people to stand on the ground I've seen clients command and they've got more than enough money to make it not only to retire amateur retire with. You know their biggest concerns or do I wanna leave my kids with a bunch of money it's note is that data and earn that they may not know how to respect it vs. Can easily meet with folks that haven't gotten much at all retirement and we me with a lady just the other day he came in from one of her friends. And you know I she wanted to retired 62 and a tolerant you know that's great. But she tells me she needs 3500 a month and retirement my signal that's happened as if you look more towards full retirement age which is closer to 67. Coming out you don't have to stay where your work and if you Don enjoying it but. You should consider getting a another full time job looking at something else you want to do taking another part time jobs solved thing. So that you don't have to take you shall street 62 and end up with like seventy cents on the dollar for life that would not be. A Smart way to look at so there's always solutions or talk about that today different options that we could. Look at so if you're not quite ready for retirement maybe we can help you get there. And I wanna give your phone number Allan if people are. If you want to reach out to Alan and his team you can do so by dialing 913. 6859. Ford two to ease right here in Overland Park very conveniently located at 435 and Metcalf. And you can find him on line retire right with Al linebacker dot net again net to retire right with Allan Becker. Dot net and I know you speak to so many different people about retirement getting that plan for them. And there are people out there who are Daryl little bit behind with their retirement savings or maybe they think they are. What are some of the the reasons that some people do get a little bit. Far behind door or they're just not exactly where they wanna be. Lot sure this list is not gonna come to a surprise there armada you know give you some mind blowing information here at you know. A lot of us where you try to take care of our kids and and give him through. The education. Phase of life and use that empty nest and now we want to pay for college wanna do right by the and they keep it up with the joneses. Could be major medical costs healthcare issues. Just prior rising. The wrong things so. As Americans as people on the Ellen Johnson County Kansas is in the the the surrounding areas. We tend to want to enjoy life I understand that you know go to concerts putting other things before that may be more important in having a fancier car than what we should bottom lies we have to prepare ourselves first we need to be putting money back into our retirement plans. Potentially into additional savings outside of retirement and how well Larry tire you know. Not racking up credit card debt and planning to go into retirement as much data we have now. This is not the best way to. Alan if people feel like their nest egg could afford to be beefed up so to speak if they're ready to start looking toward the future what can they be doing there are how it started with you let me ask you that. Megan bottom line as we help people each and every day create and implement plans. To our proprietary around him retire processed. You. Give people an instruction booklet if you will laying a step by step usual we need to do. To get. Now it's your retirement but their retirement so if you don't billions save an upper if you feel you saved it tinier worried more about attacks sufficient retire. Whatever your situation is. I believe that those of us here retirement solutions group urged G investments we have the experience and would love to demonstrate that to our listeners in the way to have that happen just you know pick up the photo let's look at your unique numbers your unique situation. And help out with your goals not only to retirement their retirement so called 9136859422. That's 9136859. Before. 22 like you said earlier may and we are located at 435 and Metcalf. For our clients convenience and we think it's a very easy place to get your just a block off a Metcalf. 913. 6859422. We're glad you're with us today on the program. I wanna give you Allen's web site it's retire right with Alan backer. Dot net. Retire right. With Al linebacker dot net Alan he worked with a lot of people have done such a great job saving for retirement they really looked ahead to this time in their life and deeply and accordingly. And I want to ask you what you think is different between. And those folks those clients who have been planning in the people who are on trying to catch up a little bit. Alec chuckle to myself a little bit on that question because I think there's there's a couple of categories and there may see a lot of executives and earn a lot of money in hand. Have. Just been able to spend and enjoy instill what money back and it's mainly qualified money in their retirement I see other folks that. Literally put away 101520%. Of their in cab so that they can get your retirement so there's some. I think that Kennedy fear based planning. And others that hope for the best and then there's everybody in between. I guess there's a few fight folks out there that just don't have the ability. Or feel they have the ability to put things away for retirement so they they literally put off. For the future. What they should be doing today and that leads them into. Not such a good predicament so. Everybody's situation their retirement playing as you meet. And I think that he all by financial planner somebody that's license and not only the insurance world but also the investment world. Really can come in handy to help people are having would you really what our partner. To come pictured back end they decided their only and use a hammer not a saw. Thanks. Brett it would make a lot of sense but so many of us go to people for retirement investment people on all they can do is stocks bonds and mutual putts there's others that go into an insurance professional. Who has no ability to work in the stocks bonds mutual funds. And it's all insurance based products are safe based products and I'll be up. There's some people out there that don't want anything to do with. Insurance and there's others that don't wanna do have anything to do with things that have risk. But is that really working with that issue is that really. Working with somebody that's putting your interest burst. And should June not work with summit and explain both sides whatever he chooses spy which you should be working with that. You know to use that analogy a little further Harvard uses both the hammer at us all not just one that is strictly. And about one tool in his toolbox and a burst so bring that back to retirement planning. You need to be work with a fiduciary duty work with summit understands the insurance world somebody that understands investment world connecting. Create a a tax efficient retirement plan. That lets you know where you're gonna be able to take your money from. And to different you know junctures of your retirement so that you know I've seen people wanna pull all their money out or a big portion of the pay. For a mortgage to as they wanna get rid of their house payment when they retire payoff cars or repair credit cart. And maybe that's the best idea and maybe not a workaholic clashes recently and you know being. Kind of taxes here in the first part of the year we were discussing. Ways save some taxes so I suggested that she talked to her certified public accountant. About using a self employed pension are and as CP. She went back to the account mention that he city get around to running the numbers and you know she came back in and I asked her about it she said that. He never ran the numbers we went back and called the opposite Neiman talked to one of the people the office they say yet that might have been a good idea goalie Marty filed her taxes. And I could just see the look on her face thinking. I'm with the wrong CPA you have anybody that you could recommend I mean this is costing me money. And you know I bring this up because there's many of us that trust professionals. But a lot of times the professionals might be either overworked. War. Don't you know they don't have the time or they're not that they're just not taking the time. To look at everything that. View as the Arab client needs to have happen and that's why I work with that the do you share working with a team is so very important so I really encourage our listeners to take this opportunity to. Grab a pen and some paper and write down our phone number 913. 6859422. Tell yourself to come in and find out what our roundtable retirement process is all about. Keep that blueprint to get you ninety retirement to retire at the number's 91368594. T two that's 913685. 9422. An election others no cost and there's no obligation for our consultation. To just come on and 9136859422. We've all got it right house kids cars college critic kids you know everything's happening right now at this speed of life. And it may have caused you to put off saving as much as you wanted to for retirement some now life played and find out some of the. Steps to take to accelerate your retirement savings coming up next. This is retire right we've Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Whether you're approaching retirement or already retired transitioning into retirement can be a daunting thought will you get incoming. What is the market drops how should you take Social Security. Joined this team from retirement solutions group and RSG investments for a discussion about these factors and more. All while retirement solutions group treats you to let complimentary dinner at. PM on Tuesday April 18 or Thursday April 20 at taking over in Overland Park. Reservations are required so call 9136859422. To reserve your seat today. That's nine when 36859422. Seating is limited so call out to learn more about these events and has you can attend retirement solutions group. 9136859422. Or online at our SG USA dot net. Investment advisory services offered through eighteen wealth management LLC. This is retire right wing Alan Ackerman on the retirement. News network. I Megan Roseanne with the retirement news network I'm here with Alan backer of retirement solutions group. And if you're looking for Utley and for your retirement if that's something you have not built for yourself yet. I want to encourage you to reach out to Alan and his team they can help you get started they can pointing in the right direction. And they can really be with huge during that journey to enter retirement. The number is 913. 6859422. That's 91368594. 22. We're talking today about how I guess you could call it acceleration. And I promise you this is not cart talk it hit. You want me to talk about cars it's really a focus on accelerating our retirement savings what we can due to be. How picking up the pace a bit on saving and beefing up your nest eggs that you're not running out of gas in retirement and Alan you talked in our previous segment about some of those savings acceleration steps that and that really does lay's sort of the ground work Asia thinking about retirement. Oh what are some of those other steps will mats. Make that car metaphor he'd go on here but. And those kind of where the rubber meets the road. Oh if your longtime listener of retire ray you probably caught the segment where I had David Bach on the show he's written nine bestselling books. One Ming Smart couples finish rich. He's been on Oprah but I was talking to David. Element after that segment and you know what others. The solutions he uses it fits right in here is making a financial date and you know I think about radio and it's really Koppel's. Activity usually when the radios on May be here in the car the couple but typically talk radio is probably viewed driving down a road listening to you the show. I'm not necessarily with your significant other right there with that. The idea here is is too. Take a concept and it go out on a date with your with your loved one and write out what you want your retirement to look like what are your values what are you trying to you. Accomplish and retire what he would actually do in retirement you wanna start a foundation hang out with the grandkids keep work enemy what does retirement look like in and do that separately for yourself and your spouse and then bring those goals back is a couple of I think everyone listening to Prodi great value from making that. Financial day in and taking. That activity to you know to a real level of finding out what you as a couple want to accomplish. And I mean even as an individual if you're if you don't have somebody in your life to share the finances with still. Figure out what you want retirement look like is when you come and work with the financial planner they should help you. To facilitate what it is you want. To accomplish coming money only has two purposes you can either spend it or you can give it away. And you know. Is no advantage necessarily fear kids by and that's sports car with your money so it might be a good idea to figure out what you want your money to do do accomplishment. That about it we spend. For many of us 203040 years saving. And then we've got to spent the last 2030 years of retirement spending it's a little bit of mine shifts so you've got to do all these things the prepared retire whether it's. Putting money in your 401K here you for a three beer whatever alphabet soup view using it where you work but it's important that you put that money away up to the Max. Of the match. If your companies that matching it might degraded a look at an outside hire ray or to look at again the self employed pension programs that give you the ability to set up to 53000. Dollars a year side attacks effort basis I mean there's so many options out there and it's. For most of this is not too late. It's this is a good opportunity this conversation we're having Mae and should be jog a lot of people's spots in his hey maybe it's time to pick up the phone in and actually set out with somebody that's a fiduciary that understands. Not only the investment world and also the insurance world who can most likely give you some clarity to all this confusing stuff as we get. Closer closer retirement. And I hope that tell our listeners will do that just give us on 913. 68594. T two. I would love to take around their retirement process. And you detailed analysis showing your entire income picture and entering areas where there may be an opportunity to treat your nest egg into powerful engine. For generating income during retire so called 913685942. To begin 9136859422. Allen's web site you can find out more if you go to retire right with Alan backer dot net again that's retire right with Allan Becker. Dot net. Now it Alan what someone doesn't have a four OK because you're talking about for a one k.s for a three b.s but if somebody doesn't have one of those or what do they do an in with all the investment choices out there. I think he really got to get that right and figure out what the right mix. To having you hacked. Do something mean you can just. What money and use life insurance potential is an asset class what you need to be working with a insurance professional and understands that arena and I am at my experiences there and met you there is too many people out there that understand that and it's usually somebody that works more from a an independent standpoint not a captive company what that means is that they are allowed to grab just about any product out there rather than working for somebody that the names on the door and that's the only products at the utilized so an independent but you know if you don't have a four hour care they're not matching. Or some sort of and again number program. You really can't take advantage of rock Irish traditional IRAs back or rock semi and on a lot a lot of phrases there. There's a lot of options to start putting money away where you can either take the tax deduction. All it im going back and just the second say tax the action boot there's two ways. To look at things you either tax seeded. Or you can tax harvest and most of us think it battered attacks the seed which is the smaller amount before it you know builds all these crops. So you taxes smaller amount but if your gonna make less money in retirement and may not be the smartest way to go but if you're gonna have. More money into retirement or stay in a high tax bracket them that idea of taxing the C makes a lot more sense which is the kind of the concept of the rot or tax free money. Down the road you don't any tax action Pratt but it's tax free on the way out. Conversely you have a cap that you can take a deduction I see it all the time people talked to. I say I don't wanna say advisor to mega mountain people that sell stocks and bonds due with a six and 63 either. Stockbrokers they're not advisors. And many of us are working with those type of individuals and you really can check that out by going to a place called broker checked. Which is just cool broker check its a federal website and you can look at you know up they advise you're talking to order or brokered by an out and out they. Let me run in Mosul the Lawler with taxes word you know where they license how long off they switched jobs act at a bank. So a lot of great information you can find on the air and it's in Israel port and a New York. Just recently I was working with. A couple and AM. When we got into the conversation. Of their investments we found out that they had. A rock Feyerick. And based on our intercom and where she's at a life or she's trying to get to. I couldn't understand why she wasn't taking a traditional higher rating it that taxed action now and she should lie asked again animation it couldn't abducted and it's yeah because you have a Roth you're gonna make less money or retirement not more she says tiger Aso. It was it was timed it to you with a fiduciary IE myself and and we've figured out a solution that was gonna work much better force or whatever your situation is you need to be working with somebody that speaking your language that's listening to you and you understand. In they understand as well what you're trying to accomplish we do that each and every day. At no cost that no obligation them and I'm just I'm hoping he'll take he'd give what I'm suggestion and pick up the phone call me. 9136859422. In 9136859422. Alan I know that do it yourself. Type projects they're all the rage right DIY. This does not sound like a good candidate for that though it'd too many moving parts this is where. It really is a great idea to work with a professional. Yes I mean there's a lot of engineers out there that. Like to take the time like to tinker in this environment and do pretty well in the. Question really comes up can they keep it up can they do it. Over the long haul. Mean let's face it we've been in a over thirty year bull market in the bond market which is. The lack you know witches and maintenance is face it and it usually is here arise and that something needs to be addressed for many of us expression that's been our. Argo to plan for safety and for diversification for all these years it's time to look at some other options. What do we were all on the market well if you take 2008. Till today it's been a ball market and that cards designed to in the market itself so. Most of these DI wires that they are you know just. The cat's meow M maybe JR but if you look back and think what happens if we have some more corrections or something changes. A lot of them are not positioned well enough with enough safety within up money out to the side or backing up their margins are whatever. Solution they're using that as a good possibly they're gonna get caught. In a situation that's not going to be good so I I think there's this major false sense of security. With the DO wires. And that's what scares me the most so in an air and sea of financial planner and get a any. Back up plan a comparison. Let's talk into a gentleman. And his wife and you know he's been doing pretty good with a as options and he does he's got that personality and he loves it. And after talking to resign I won't give you 40% of it just so I have some safety incidents and some cushioning. But all we started talking about safer returns. You know it wasn't the numbers he was used to. His wife was really okay with that and he's okay where they had but he's just not easy easy this euphoria. That is is utterly you know investing. May get a lot like our kids playing sports you know my son this weekend he kicked the goal we're playing soccer and you know my eyes I gotta tell the world about it that I mean he also get knocked down four times and I'm. Usually would mention that you know it's that time. That he scored that we talk about it's not all. Falls and spills that we talk about. That got us up to that goals I make sense so does Deanna liars they need a backup. Playing and that's where a good quality financial planner Kim that comment and help out and I think the issue come check out retirement solutions group because. We want to be there for yeah. When you're no longer able to do it all by herself to give you a second opinion to give you some ideas and help to have those solutions that you can't be yourself. So whatever the situation is that the you need help with the no cost no obligation we're gonna do we're gonna do our best to assist. To simply call me at 91368594. U2 let's get ya McAllen or get your questions answered no cost no obligation this analysis comes directly from me and we're going to give you the information you need. To hopefully retire successfully. Without worrying about running out of money call 91368594. YouTube. That's 9136859. Before 22. Maybe your retirement savings are where you want to be but how transform the income you're working hard for today into an income that works hard for you in retirement. Next Allan tackles the basics of catching up. On your retirement income strategies at straight ahead. You are listening to retire right with the Allen Beck they're on their retirement. News network.