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Sunday, June 18th

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Hello and welcome to a PW plumbing heating legally help broke its eight this is show dedicated used a homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference if we can help you at any of your plumbing heating your cooling needs it was a solid 913. 8256600. My name is key fared in across from me it's not Dixie Wilford. It's not Dixie well effort it is not we kicked digs off with a shell. She is not going to be on the show today instead I got Jason would you guys ever Jason fill in for me for ages and yes I get to JC easy filled in for me. Dixie is uses the wine and I'm sitting in her chair in the weirdest thing I'm telling you guys that I'm I'm talking in this mica voted it sounds different or weird. Comparison the other microphone it's freaking out I don't my voice now sounds different effects I'm not for the first time hearing my voice in a different way not that sounds weird. I could have helium voice right now are a fraud. They thunders and he was so excited and I hear that no let up I better and this might talk I just think I got a a so Dixie usually just you guys now you would you actually held planned for today however it's set up a little bit different since Dick she's gone. Since obviously Father's Day Dixie said she needed time to deal would do suffer Father's Day. Which probably will be nothing but that's the point. Is that she Utah bothers a site adjacent to fail and which using Jason fills in for me when I have to go do stuff so it's kind of off are some sitting at Dick's he's chairs everything is little butt off for me. However I can tell he's Dixie using has this incredible programs and upright she has it all written out what is gonna go what we're gonna talk about and just see you know we have none of that today. There's not a sit we don't out just you know we have a not a single note up paper anything in front of us yet not that we just said it will do the show. And we're just gonna talk to you guys what's up that we wanna talk about. Estimates are not subjects and our center which opera covered almonds and soda pops and boy guy bring those are retirement but I think just use the Donald is to get us out of a predominant. We share topical problems every single week they're gut. I like to their moderate to taste it out. Don't need to frivolity got anything planned my probably paint finish pain in my house okay are so just let it out and work. Jay should it is a wonderful man except for one area. He's the raiders fan. So once you guys get done voting I I agree that is horrible to be a raiders spent that there's a lot of things are bad in light bright a like an axe murderer. I cycled out to be your raiders fan takes it beyond. What do you do those things so he shows me a picture of his house and he does highlight because in my house. And I was like you mean brown and gray yields on don't know about some brown that's blocking gray. As he knows I painted a raider haulers about his cell. What are these days I'll give you everybody everybody has address and then we can throw like tomatoes at his house. It's great scholar and so what I say he he tells me this he messes me up about it all the time so what I say is OK about my wife a power Spurrier you've got a. Couple that are talking about we're gonna go over. I just so you started is Dixie Leo we can shall listen to part of the show. As we are gonna go over some of the savings that you guys are going to be able to get which of course you know what our promotion is for the month any abuse that. She's is that you have for the canned food drive that we're doing. Eight wage is gonna go into food banks and the reason that it does is obviously because of the fact that. There are a lot of children that are not getting Fiat bad. Because they're not in school student school supplies a lot of breakfast and lunch for children and lower income and so when school's out. It makes it more difficult for them. And hopefully that one day won't have school in the summertime we'll have school all year long which is one of my goals hopefully one day it happened or how the problem right. So the kids probably wonder. What's were seven schooled in the summer or going longer during the summer. I think the regular uncle I don't know so yeah no largest cooling in the summertime. So what we do is if you give twenty cans of food that is not expired. Right and not gross stuff that you would meet. And you give that donated and we'd take a thousand dollars off of the price of an AC. Right we also do that we are we cover that discount for odd drink this water heater we have 500 often take this water heater or Jason. Wrecked it Jason's always on the field silence at the verify this from him that on the Imus and up sell and those are the two things that were offered up a complete system or. NH BA CR I'm sorry take a system. So one of those to give discount you give us the food and then we'll donated to the charities to make sure that we can help you with that weekend. So that's the first promo that we have the KCP and L. Eight which if you get a sixteen Sears system right is that the minimum. Actually it's fifteen Sayer where you get double the money if you step up the sixteenth here. And in most cases. Nobody makes a fifteen serious I don't know why it's on there. Up and I didn't even know that so fifteen here you're gonna get 200 dollars sixteen you're gonna give 400 dollars if you replace. A system that is currently working. Toward yet half the money if it does not work really you know these two going you know this actually read it all the time. I guess sum up that brought it up well I read it may be more obvious you must or maybe I just about it. So then where's the rest the money coming so far so we have 4400 for the AC if you got to a sixteen cirrus system has already working so that's one of the keys we are gonna bring up today. And actually Jason and I did talk for a little bit about all rooted discussed it. We are gonna look at to help you understand the money difference more. Is what we're gonna help you understand as. There's a lot of rules and that 16100 so making a mistake on the rules rules can cost you a lot of money in a sums and explaining it to you of course that can hurt you. They sell we have 400 if you go to a sixteen see your AC. 200 of its a fifteen year senior acie as long as your sister is currently working. If it's already failed the media half of that money amount cracked. Half of that money are okay so then where does the rest of the money come from. It's total up to 12100 dragged where. Which is target into heat pumps and replacing heat pumps or adding heat pot. Because of the efficiencies of heat pumps KCP and L offer more money to replace working in heat pumps and it's up to 12100 dollars. Thanks so he pump is up to 12100 dollars and a sixteen sear AC so are they giving any day for. I guess they would be are here he pumping air handler right well he pomp and her handler total lecter systems it would be up to 12100 dollars worth of rebates. Protect and then how about or Kansas gas ars that Missouri gas Missouri gas energy awful also offers up to 300 dollars for a what she starred in 90% furnaces and larger up to 96%. Nine 92%. Or 200 dollars I mean. And once you get to 96%. You're looking at 300 dollars back and then another 45 dollars. Or a programmable thermostat installed the same time as your furnace. And so there's there's a lot of little things that we need to make sure that we're attitude to make sure that you're getting the full rebate one more thing I Kansas City power and light now that you mention that is. EC and lowers the high efficient blowers that are out now we also get a 150 dollars for that. So that the the ECM motors that Jason's referring to you guys always hear us talk about it is the DC inverted. Blower motors. A variable speed blower motors those types of things you're gonna get an extra 150 dollars you set 150 dollars and that's huge I mean they're already a good deal to go to an ECO motor let alone getting extra money for yeah when you're talk and save in 2250 dollars a year. Just by operating that blower as opposed to a standard PP SE blower. It's it's it's an amazing deal. The appeal seawater dissing us now we say that that is a standard single stage blower motor under present on a percent off obviously they're not gonna be as efficient. And their AC driven so they use more electricity which is can enhance. It's more cost right. So what does a lot of the stuff we wanna talk about is you know again not waiting until all the time comes when Europe according to breaking down because one it cost you more money in rebates. It also cost you time in headaches usually been in this ninety plus degree. At least he sees keep breaking every day we get more more phone calls from. So if you wait there's going to be a lot of issues there as far as not being able to get services quickly because everybody's starting to get extremely busy. I and then we have and then of course make sure that you take advantage of the extra thousand dollar from us which is that a huge benefit and then what else to do wanna talk about today. There's more you want to talk about besides. The saving money were dark about thermostats a little bit arms that's we saw us saving money Missouri gas energy. I always like talking about Maine it's all maintenance is heaven our guys come out take a look at the system. Make sure the system has put a refrigerated it. If it doesn't figure out why the system doesn't happen here refrigerant and that I and making your system work as efficiently as it can if that's the route you wanna go. So we're gonna bring into more of those items the other thing we're gonna look at is thermostats one of the main conversations that we've had. Is the people call us up and say you know I set my thermostat for being at Enos the we'll say in the summertime seventy degrees. I or 76 in the winner. I bet I get home and it's still not there what's wrong with my my my furnace or my air conditioner. So that's one of the service things on thermostats and understanding how thermostats truly work. We're gonna break into a lot of little bit she can understand it a little more so when your buying one. You're just buying it do you think it looks cool but it's actually. Doing the job that you want to. Especially individuals at camp heat pumps. We're gonna be going into some details over heat pump thermostats this more often than not will go to law house that does not have a crack thermostat. Per heat pumps so if you that he bumped you really wanna listen this is your thermostats probably wrong and costing your whole bunch of utilities because it's not bring your thermostat properly. I am so we are back KC BNL the gas energy. We're talking about thermostats. We're gonna talk about our clean means into being one portion of the cleaning. Is the call oils were gonna get into that nobody ends up cleaning. Because they're extras it's a most people never spend the extra money to clean the coils but you get a lot of service calls are a lot of service issues. Because of having unclean coils pay in of course jackets and do having proper. I'm filtration on your system is another part that we're gonna look at along with what is the whole point of you know the main it's the cleaning. Is here's the bad biggest and I think you'd agree this before we go to break. Is that people complain because their like it seems like it's been a lot for Maine it's but I don't think they really do anything. When you agree upon a time that happened so we wanna give you better perspective so if you're spending the money at least you fill you get something out of it just rumored just as Dixie is not here. Of course the show's going to be better because I'm running at just so we can clarify that it'll be much better. I however you can still go to a dud Dixie difference dot com eight you can find out more about some of the stuff that he PW does the specials that were having a and how you can help. There's a few stories we're gonna say that meet Dixie did so plus some Boy Scouts when we come back so. You guys daycare will see a few minutes. Hello and welcome back to TPW plumbing heating cooling helper homes. And keyboard and across from me is Jason and I get us. They do they have and I don't people know you too well as Jason. I thought I'd be in the back you know in four years this is the first four years in July LB July enjoy a before yours that we've been doing a radio show. By and this is the first time ever recover predicts. Ehrlich are ever shot out the music she's gone I'm not. Or she's here and I think you know that for me probably what five times six times it times have I drug either fell as much as possible but if so this is the first time I'm actually filling in for her. And I'll probably still get nothing for fathers and can imagine that in the case don't know who will be at at at a I show usually she forgets until like the next day. And then should get me like certificates are gonna buy something. There's just fine I get tools that already have tools to buy on any more tolls on I don't think I know any other tornado by. I think like into a new division of tools like air tools. Tolls and Yahoo! is off to like start their I don't know what else to do I've I have made up so many reasons to buy tools I've ran out of tools to buy. And I thought I could check camera multiple Jack camera would be cool. A seam and on the icing on the shopping channel the other guy who just needed Jack hammer scenes Nate you can break like anything up rock. I was expensive now are no longer about I don't want this to the rental place and also used repair much it's here part. That sounds expensive doesn't know that that that I but that is in there. But so we just think is no I went to the Boy Scouts camp with Dawson which is going to be eight year old right. And I made an air conditioner which most you should know how to make him a portable air conditioner not a teacher record how to make went. But it is a wonderful experience. If you can't you're facing you know that what I just did was lied to you ate the food is horrible. I love the Boy Scouts hero and that's occurred or is it but the food is horrible they won't you pitch your own tents you have to have these heavy canvas tents and there's just. Dogs animals everything in your tent it's just terrible. So I made an air conditioner so at least we didn't have to sweat to death was due that it's one night two days at his age. I'll tell ya gonna make it part of our commissioner Roger. Listen you say it all the times a day a dungeon Aetna so all you guys got to do as you remember if you're going camping and it's really hot and you wanna have an air conditioner. Is you'd take a one gallon jug a bottle you fill it up with salt water. So I do use a lot of salt in their because it keeps prose in longer. He had the Russell water shaken up putting your freezer and it's a solid block of ice now when you're one gallon jug. Jake coming your cooler which I used yet he or something towards energy doe stuff never defrost. So I bring it out there at what you do is take a five gallon bucket you put three holes and it. You have tubes of about three inches porridge is long sticking out of him. I and then. You set the one gallon jug at the bottom of the five gallon container and then you flip a battery operated an upside down so it's blowing on the ice. So as is blowing on the ice obviously it's making the air cold. It sends out the holes if you do the holes correctly I do I deal. I have two holes played an army in one of my son. Twice as sides have a lot more fat and so I need to cool down much quicker than he does make sense so that they do portable air conditioner keeps it firm also nights you don't have to. Burn up and it doesn't take a lot of space it's who does need a five gum bucket anyway it's right. Or standard and that's exactly go so it's easy signals so just egos now we can do to your garage. If I wanted to air conditioner in your garages are buying one. So survival tips on how long it austerity we are you wouldn't have any icing continued survival. But anyways tens of it was a winner and a mystery Jennifer and then your cold. Is going to make no sense projects so that's the bush got those wonderful I can't wait until next year to do with Johnson. High and sell. That is art and all I know we're gonna talk about. Thermostat that's we're gonna walk into right arm stats that so let's starts with heat pump arms says there's quite a few people in Kansas City that that he parts right. Regardless if you'd like him or not there's a lot of people who haven't. So kind of explain found that thermostats that you see and then let's explain the thermostats that they should have. Office however okay so are most systems. If it's a dual fuel system when I say dual fuel I mean if it's a heat pump with. A natural gas or propane back up firmness. You would counsel need AA outdoor sensor. And a thermostat that works for the dual fuel board. Because what you want is there's a breaking point in this area or a non efficient point where you're actually paying more to run your heat pump. And it's actually producing an heat. So what you would need is a system that thermostat. Election shut the heat pump off. When the temperature jobs below say 3035 degrees. And so what the big concern as right now allow the thermostats that we see how are they set up right now. They just run and what what has that happens the temperature has to drop on the thermostat. And make it uncomfortable before the heat pot or before the heat up or shut off. And the backup people c'mon. Okay so you'll see basic thermostats they may be heat pump their sets they may not be blunt permit thermostats correct. Just because it says he pumped thermostat doesn't mean that has an upper sensor to let you know the temperature. Like that's the key in all this correct correct I. So then what the thermostat does is the thermostat will keep using the heat pump. Even when it shouldn't be let's say twenty degrees can be still using the heat pump. And when he's using the heat pump outdoors it's not actually heating the house enough and it's not being efficient enough to be able to take care of the job correct. And that's where you get correct. Or what the worst thing yes especially for people who have all electric and have an air handler. In their house is so it's just say electric furnaces called an air handler Gasper is is called the furnace there. So an air handle or ache it's like a poster of and that's what it looks like it's like a little toaster oven in their lights up these oils. And so if your thermostat doesn't understand what to do it could turn on your electorate coils in skyrocket your electric bill. Terrell term that so that's one of the concerns we always have is. They'll how are you using your electric furnace and do you have the proper thermostat or the proper outdoor sensor to tell. That furnace when to turn on or not this is really called an emergency mode in essence when that electric first comes on it's actually considered to be an emergency mode. And so it's just using it because it needs to pay if you're using natural gas and it may be during that too soon you're not using the efficiency of the heat pump. So what do heat pump basically does the idea of heat pumping help me out with histories and is that it's a removing the heat from the outdoors. And bringing it and it's it's a river it's basically a reversing. Of what an air conditioner does which is remove the heat from inside the house. And taken outdoors which makes her how school. And heat pump is doing the opposite in the wintertime it's removing the heat from the outdoors in bringing it in. And held at length so we got that part in there. However if it is a cent per correct temperatures. Because it's not sensing it. Then at that point heat pump will work in accurately and cost fuel problems. I thought about it I don't really take another quick and great care. Elicited a PW helper homes on keyboard. Got Jason with me Dick she's not here stop the celebrations will be back in just a few moments. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating cooling helper homes in key poured in across from me is Jason to be venerable to go until the last thing. The matter element is amenable or are Jason and apple but I've thought about it you know we're just we're making a joke is. When I got off the air what did you say that Dick he was never gonna do again. She's never gonna miss the show in your car and all that's the first thing he couldn't. And what's funny is that I'm said in Dixie he's chair which is what page you hire her and you're sitting in my chair. And so I'm watching Jason do what I do which is looked out the window. You're gonna stuff and the funny thing is I always wonder what Dixon's door I look at her she'd be looking away doing something. And I realize she's watching people walk but. Not you know and other persons Derrick. So I got all perspectives on this so we are. Yep you're right she'll probably never let me do this. So she's as we can actually write official Oscar for copies of the shall be like or copies but what you. We were supposed to do just. Will be trouble so I don't know it's all good though it's Father's Day right help each others day until people that you guys look nearly as your Father's Day. I do not out there because they just thought our for dads who want to give us today a bit of his created by hallmark. Probably owed much they Q hall family into outer Kansas City we appreciate not only your money your business but also making cards up. You know that they owned a Crayola crayons. Wasn't aware that you only do better without that you cards that they can. I've been told all of it's accurate that our repeated. Our peavy thing just tell me. Doesn't matter that stirred up. I'll just repeat reported by ourselves mart anyway is nothing. The next and sound Smart. So now maybe you nothing else left our daughter got. Odds are you know you don't for Father's Day at the point this out cystic she's not here. It's Father's Day week no credit on Father's Day like mothers do you know Mother's Day I have to like do. Breathing a Mother's Day it's like a for her finger moves. Incorrectly because I didn't take care is something to bat. Dad's and dad Dave what do we get. We're lucky if we get a card in this they have if others and they walked past few weeks just to work we have to do chores at W distill it work nothing ever changed ours. I don't get back groups do you talk a little ball a little much I don't get pedicure is manicures and get nothing deal. No not get another so what do we get out of this your work and no sympathy so why do we have follows day that. As we like to work I think it's just to make up for it just to say. You know you really don't count but we're gonna give your daily life a just one day it's going to be definitely after Mother's Day I saw everything and are to be spent it's going to be hot. Oh really gotten caught up so that we at the Barbeque had they make this even cook and our own day. On Mother's Day twelve Dixie is a cookie anyways. If she did she definitely would because gonna mothers. And that's crazy I think it's an unfair I think we should change it I think obvious station come the week before Mother's Day. Just change all that she will switch mother's days now and we get Mother's Day for Father's Day. We think. Could probably do this. And taken leave that. Okay me to care all right let's go back to this. Desperately. Like Paula is it is it mattered and out of that there are yeah so. But so what we're gonna do is south so the heat pump thermostats so if you have heat pump remember if you do not have an. Outdoor sensor. Either with high end equipment which on its own opera sensor or the thermostat having an outdoor center. Then you're gonna probably running into problems we're in accurate in inefficient equipment running at the wrong times. And you probably wouldn't notice it as you're like you know Mike system's been doing this the whole time. But that's probably been the problem is it actually hasn't been saving you as much monies are probably should. And the other thing we really have to take a look at. Is the LDR Missouri gas energy and it's the KCP and LR refunds that you get. Does your pretty specific on that the types and so forth however one of the things that happens in our industry a lot and I remember when we got to do this industry if freaked me out. The first time might talk to somebody about it. At the border of our distributors actually. Is that. A lot of the words when people say sixteen see your system or fourteen sir system thirteen or system. Which we know what the phrase means it means that it's seasonal energy efficiency rate ratio for an air conditioner right. It's of the higher the number is the more efficient it makes sense by most people but that's what it's there for. The problem is most of the equipment out there when they call it a sixteen sere they leave about a couple to keywords don't think I do. A lot of hr act. And matching component. I am so glad I got help everybody understand a because when they say sixteen sure they're releasing the equipment could work. Efficient up to sixteenths or meaning it could be sixteen C aired. Just because it's rated for sixteen singer a lot of the times equipment that people put their house is actually lower rated than what they were told. Because everybody says it's close enough. I and I'll give you story real quick three guys to help understand I remember how we get all of our equipment we get the rating done by HRI. Right so we have certificates that show that that's that your rating based on all the equipment. I remember when we first started this year's ago doing a C as I was talking to them as in why Needham and Needham fourteen seer. And niece is why I gave you when I said no you didn't it's thirteen point five according to the numbers and Eagles well that's the same as fourteen. We know it's not it's it's not the same as fourteen this thirteen point five because no in our industry that's how it works and I said well with our company that's not how it works. If it's going to be thirteen followed it needs to sink thirteen five right. But the industry standard is to given up two ratio or what it could be ratio instead of what the actual number is. So how do people protect themselves Jason. Well definitely higher cramming all that. Does the AR tried database ratings on their system so they have proof. Because it'll it'll bite you would every go to get your Casey pinot rebates. It's the first explain HR IRS. So everybody understands what we're talking about whether it's American heating refrigerate institute. The rating and how we fission and isn't so what it does it matches the eve operator will that sets on topping your furnace check your furnace and it's blower. With the outdoor air conditioner your condenser. And it takes their model numbers and their ratings and they mixed them together to give a Syria being an NER rating in energy efficiency rating at. So just because the outdoor air conditioner can be up to sixteen if they don't put the right Quayle and if they don't but the right furnace in in blower motor. Almost composed on match properly. Then at that point deficiency may be nowhere near that rating. Be done as well as. Fourteen. Metric we're seeing that now are we work our equipment it's the same equipment for of the thing condemned terms are outdoor air conditioner. And it says it's either a fourteen seer or sixteen seer air conditioner. Back to his or send the industry is changing to get rid of models so they don't hunts only model numbers. And what they're doing is they're putting out their condenser is that can be either 1415. Or sixteen sear. In the that same model where the determining factor as is the coil. For the furnace and the blower motor what you put to correct correct I sold what is KCP and L wanting us to do or what's happening to people that. Are not getting this stuff done right. Also what's happening to them as they're they're applying for their rebates. And they're getting denied. Because they can't produce an HR rating or board they go back to their contractor and you know have a lot of people litters a suspect on a cause they said look we try to do this before and they wanna give us our rebate. And I and dig and dig and ask them why and they said because our systems don't rate to the efficiency they want him to. Even though their paperwork says they bought it they'd they're they're paperwork says they bought sixteen seer. Or not get their rebates. So what we're doing is we're able to take the risk. And we actually take the money off first. And then we take the risk of getting the system up to the sixteenth here and match and all the equipment to where it's supposed to be. OK so there's a couple things that we severance and tell me if I'm wrong what is we always give a print out to prove what the current share rating is correct absolutely and it's not from las it's not our opinion we actually put in. The model numbers into the database. And then it gives us a print out and it says this is what the efficiency rating of the equipment. So by KCP NL also wants that same data sheet. Now we do not every piece of equipment so we don't have to guess Sonny you don't have to gas or hope that you got the right model because it's going to be there. I insult what ends up probably as we print it off for you so you always have it however on the KCP and L we're guaranteeing our accuracy. By giving the diskette in advance to the customer a because we know were responsible for and we're taking the risk instead of them. To make sure they're getting that the rebates. For the KCB Ono or the gas energy correct correct then it's a wonderful thing isn't this a so why do you think that most people aren't getting the news certificates they're not getting the HRI. I mean most wanted to know who HRI SE just that other content. A speech BC people don't know who there. I so why do you think that that happens. As they don't care. Much work I don't know. It's got to be a reason Ryan is a big one of its gonna have to be is money through I mean if you're trying to compete on price when the easiest things to do is rumored. You reduce the quality of the corneal. Hey nobody knows what it looks like the outside it matches the furnace right no but. Most consumers matter of fact unless we see the model number I can't tell if it's a proper coil in there anyways or the proper size of atlas I read the numbers right. Orchids and a coil verses and and coil which in and close gonna give you. A better efficiency if it's sized properly it's gonna give you better efficiency and then of course you have the Ferguson the blower motor the blower motors wrong that's another thing. So so we're gonna what we're gonna do is we're gonna talk a little bit more about this and understand that. Even though you think you get what you're getting you're probably not unless they prove you always want proof and there so what this is is this is a PW help for homes. I'm Keith Ford. That is Jason Bender pulled my little buddy at work to date we always hang out together actually worked and if you can go to. The Dixie. Difference dot com I'd greatly appreciate it is that it makes it look like I actually did something today in my wife may not yell at me. But a picture would back a few moments. Hello and welcome back to TPW plumbing heating and cooling helper homes I can keep order across is Jason Bender pool I know they like where's that. I like that I Dixon throw down a little bit. Did it just ego is now Dixie text Jason in our commercial break and you know what she types. Keep keep on topic that's it's you right. A little to say other pretty good today so I ask is a slice. No he's talking I think she knows me really well do you believe she's all she's already monitoring. Or that context. Oh wasn't real good like five really. I know that that. I just don't trust my Father's Day let me have my time right right but but but a I've I think I've been doing pretty gut. I thank you guys can correct exceed tell you know keep it a good job quit harassing that ormat. I would greatly appreciate it and then actually showed that I did something. So anything you guys can do to help me. By the way talking about Dixie. She started doing a few commercials which is cute people are sending her little messages out about taking pictures of them in front of the TV like she's on TV I just thought it. It alone people who like her eldest laid out a platoon people like me but the applaud people like her. So that's maybe why they tolerate me was to me like her so much. So we should do your guest work. We've got rid of aren't they got. This could tell we had this is actually all Dixie Jessie does know this has nothing to do with me Dixie did this and is one of the nicer things to get. There was a family. A mr. mrs. love she's 89 and he is 94. So pretty all right he's in World War II veteran. Like crazy. And is raising bank a raw how many war war two veterans are still around but man there can't be a lot of themselves this is pretty incredible so I'll their air conditioner broke. Right and they tried to get financing and financing and go proof and you guys don't know Dixie and I we turn to do stuff to save money till we can donate to certain things as much as that weekend. Tell the money's not ours no. If your believer you understand money need to be spent properly and how you live your life so. It's called me up and said you know we're going over house this morning to look at install cycle kinkle. What's the point and she's well. Actually there's a ninety pro German war were to veterans was I want a medium. And -- the realistically did that Dixie did this out of what she wanted to she sat there for probably about two hours in the heat talking to this tournament. Is a cool story I mean Wheeler. Everything about their family some of their kids showed up one of their son's a minister and a late. It's up up preacher love I think it's a great thing to be preaching about Orion that's a great name for preacher to go I did ask him a Sid do you have a doctor and your family that I didn't go crosses on his the other way. So anyways so that preacher a preacher lovers out there and so. Now we meet all their family really nice talks he raised his kids well it's pretty cool but he's talked about how he drew up. You know throughout life that was a military guy I. He happened to be black so he's telling some stories of how he was treated Jeff forward to in some of the changes in how he's noticed it. Which is just amazing from a us perspective of somebody who didn't have eight I mean he was angry about it was an anything. It was just his perspective was really cool we took pictures with them. What they did is I Dixie. Going I went ahead and donated their system to them. I does what is their age I and taking any of their money at that age. Probably is not beneficial for them so Dixie donated a forum to help them out to make a little bit easier on them. But she spent at least two hours in the heat they're talking on this probably one of the coolest stories and then she's 89 and she had to leave you know she's leaving for. Outside to go help feed some babies at a at a nursery. I cheese goes I have this baby that I defeats issues going to work at a he gets on a lot more instill mulls grasses around the neighborhood to help people out. While that he does it can be meets at the new anyways but he loves to fish. Still if he still drives while 94 he steel drives is not crazy and is raising saw us talking him and his oldest son is in his seventies. He's retired until. Has are talking soldier's son not help you this he's like oh yeah he's retired he has plenty type it's interesting talking to somebody to talk about their son who's retired. But it was one of the more amazing stories so if you guys get a chance at Dixie didn't do it to get praise into the air and Dixie is actually. As he knew me personally I think Dick he's a great person she's she's a very beautiful girls she's a very intelligent. I levered it out but she has one of the nicest hearts when he gets down to helping people she always tries to do something about it. So if you get a chance make a note today exceed collar she did it was really cool she spent a lot of time with the system got done that people had air conditioning she took care of them. And stuff and cheap volunteer a lot of stuff to help take care of them. And she didn't need to but she did it because it was the right they do what you what he's a World War II veteran it's amazing I think that's amazing and veterans have a soft heart for me that is something. Giving up your life for sacrificing your life for others there is no other greater thing you can do so. That was the other amazing part is he took care of him and his wife and definitely deserved it after all these years and defending our country don't we deserve something or so. When that that was great is that being the veteran part was really just icing on the cake for knowing that if she had made the decision before she even found out. She did did you know I I didn't know anything about this and I was there in the office whatever all that went down on an associate Emily called them and said. You know a unfortunately didn't call our finances as and that. And however what we're gonna do is we're gonna install your system at no charge. And that's when we learned that. He was a veteran and that he was from world war two and talk in her his children. X in the fight enemies when you're 94 years old finance committees don't like to lend you money for some reason they don't think. You may go to bigger bill back up so no matter what your credit is like and there wasn't any of those things it was just because now. Legally they won't say it however there was you know that don't need help and we think it was mostly because he 94 is it up there and age that's for sure but. I was one of the coolest thing she took care of and so we got to spend. Part of the day. And she has hammered right now I mean users and her administrative assistant that helps her it's gone she's on vacation Tanya is and and she is doing all of her work. Plus Tonya as work and she's trying to get it all done in there and she was like that she worked until 11 o'clock at night. The night before so she can make it and then she went back to work and worked all not at night so she can spend there and just talking to the guy. But it was it was one of the goals thanks I just want to give my wife. My wife. Crops 'cause I harasser so much he did a great thing in their she did a good job good job against you did pretty get. So what are we talk about Roca grilling a couple of minutes left but and we'll talk about this next week also will talk about you know making sure that you that. Any person that you buy from especially in the HB AC industry should be able to give you certification. And not. What people label says on the equipment but certification. From that the equipment is actually raided the way it is. And what you should be able to see is the furnace the coil and air conditioner. This if you're not using us for KCP and L. Or other places that are requiring it to actually get your money I and then at that point you're probably gonna get hurt at the end of it that's why we're telling you. Is that we run into this a Lotta Lotta people will tell us that. You know I don't know if I wanna do this because last time I got no money we hear that quite often don't we I and so that's one of the concerns is that that's our what does it's our tax money. They're getting our tax money to give these rebates and their and we wanna see people being able to use them further cracked purpose right did so they can get the money back. So that's one of the things you need to make sure that we you're actually getting your certification that it actually says the correct. C or rating or EE ER rating in needs to be rated on their but the deal only way you can truly see that is by having the furnace. The coal oil that sits on top of the furnace and the outdoor unit there at the condenser. All three on the same sheet and it'll give you a total rating for all the equipment itself. And it's firm HR I you're basically gonna be set no matter what happens cracked well sometimes. The only other part of this. Is the system has to be installed correctly. The certification we'll be right as far as equipment however for some it's all right still market again at Iceland tell pay all you dads out there are soon to be dads. I have a Father's Day you guys all enjoy it take your time everybody be safe out there please don't drink and drive don't do anything silly. Known for your families we'll take care you guys we'll see you next week. Hey you guys enjoy have a great weekend and happy father's condition at a quality kid take care.