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APW Help for Homes
Sunday, April 16th

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Hello look at a PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homelessness is show dedicated you the whole border for you to experience the Dixie difference. If we can help you believe your plumbing heating your cooling needs to pick only 913. 8256600. My name is Keith Ford across from his Dixie well bird. And walk and eight. Also switching gala I went Sherri can lead that I'm so cool boulevard animal waste our time and her like I can't got a goal lots to cover today we we Kennedy GM pact and much of that topic since began. Thrash out for you the homeowner who can take all the great information. And that there's not one that may be meeting can hear that we speak out today means help for for you your family your home all the great staff so let's jump right in. Yeah we went to lead to go to the Grand Canyon by the way. Teenage attitude magnet thing you do with their topics they can until I Q why that's funny you bring that the 'cause I was just speaking when he kicked out and they think and they mean well I just can read your mind most the time and brown may be knighted. Medicaid say you'd probably have laughed along and time again I thought I. Don't know I just a masochistic has hurt her heightened. I can take all paid me yet rang hey I don't know it is Jason came back in the Grand Canyon and he's telling me that he'd take the the hike down. And it is like you know it's like thousands of feet doubting doesn't and there are signs that tell you be prepared you may get sick along the way oh like altitude sign. Yep don't like you're gonna get sick rate late because of the Al TT mostly I think is is the way are terrible walking only got a mountain to stop. But I love the altitude yen but you don't Holler router doesn't that make it out at second melted so. I think is but he says his walk with his family can see the signs that he's like oh we're not even halfway there are so we're fine. That he's thinking wait a second. If I think you're always the bottom and then we Eagles. I don't think the sign means going down I think it's talking about when they are telling you about at the Grand Canyon so he's stop to modest and turned his family around enough elevating godly in the bottom review of the great all seems like we need even get close we are already getting sacked. Oh wow we're growing anyway imagine I can't even imagine hiking the thing that's why they have meals I'm late to conceal her real name Susie if even get a break at the meal. I'm visited an arm and a little bit true idea every you know I think by the like a mile her yeah happy Easter everyone is not filling empty tomb yeah. Hope they get a chance to India and actually elected AD TAP get the help browns. And we like you at keep and I ran eighteen Eddie plumbing heating and cooling right here in the nature of about fifteen years now and I'm warehouse a married couple Philly. And no over share tying it out on the chance of cook nanny meanwhile IKEA. But I just don't add eight or what not and will wait to move forward with. They shell I got a few more to us so we talked about how many splits what they are seen couldn't keep it good definition. Of what they are how helpful they can be career home. We have one actually an hour and a loving. And dad really solve some problems up and then many split Jeff's fans say in curse. Is a split fifth stem ADV at furnace and AC capability within your home X specially in an area in the home that has no ductwork or you can't run duck QWERTY you. We have a fan her pretty oversize fed remain armed and then because we live in instead house and there's no way we're getting death worked at this. Attached. How skinny sender and that. Off the back of the house till eighth add many split. It was a great option on your doing is drilling a three inch hole to connect these outdoor unit with the indoor Ian next. And that's basically it they ducked collects air conditioner or debt preferred. Or you sell it is out and it's a great great product it's been around for ad or Europe and Asia they're all over the place. Because they don't have a lot of death were within their homes. And down. They don't have a lot of homes now on hand they're small they're you know I'll I don't have a lot at home yes so and a niece play is the option that they ease kind of light pink rectangles what are years are all over year Tunisia and and they're not as much here and because of the efficiency east. And because of they a man of space. So we have space and we've kind of been spoiled for a long time with the efficiencies and we're more aware of both of these things now especially the last fifteen years. And so many splits are duck cliff at air conditioner furnace systems. Are very eight energy efficient and lowering your monthly energy bills as a long enough like tank of water heaters as well. Still and it really having that fear rating that seasonal energy efficiency ratio. On the something may consider went purchasing an air conditioner. And that is something nap coming into summer season. A mini split into a wonderful option to answer when talk more about that. And just say you know with have been spoiled we're just Americans and America only we have am American helped I don't like are trying to act. Kellyanne and I just wanted to point that out Isa wrist while I disagree were apparently you're ratted me out when asked to do anything. All we got tons of talk about race with so we're so we also have the stuff we would over last week right. I did at the tell everybody about my deck experience with you over forty deal yes we've always had an illegal for an hour segments I guess I'm gonna spread it out. See guys get all of the four information heat isn't. So we never April special that's it you're trying to wrap me at T until we do have they are still in April and we do have a April shower Ers that brings key spurt that very intimate flowers we talk a hundred dollars off an installed sat up from a Pete Elliott apple tree came round I can't see area relevant taken the image of eventually appreciate your phone calls to eight. For installing and repairing your sump pumps and then have also gaining and in installing those battery backup sump pumps so. Great options there hundred dollars up in south San Papp also a hundred dollars off aid battery backup sump pump from eight. 6600. Again now went 318 fat 6600. Animal come out and survey that Gloria let you know exactly it's gonna cost. And and they need cooks can take advantage of the hundred dollars off. I sell this isn't time of the year April remain at this time a year to get your air conditioner service. And daddy today it's at night you know and then safety check is Dan ironic it is thoroughly cleaned. And you can do that by trying honey 8 PM these services with our rainy and a special 59 dollar air conditioner clean and safety check. Just tell our opposite you heard a peep out feel a lot of there radio ever 125 dollar that defense. Call 91 Perry 818 fat 6600. And then last but not least. The values keep role in NG de DU and we have one other and special frowned aide Pete LE EL. That fact 399 dollar hello no jury toiling in installed. With a free soft classes C that is included. This is over an 800 dollar value because this toilet is the teen. Teen to relay it. Come for 399 with a free soft 'cause see. And incur reaction when we haven't felt Colin on the special actually getting a view of him down in the home all the same county come right high gear your -- injure her forever. I know we haven't eight TW AB go to YouTube and AP anti cloning and he are calling or you can't in my name Dixie will look bird NE ILL I FO RD. And and feet away hey this penetrate to a can't. Flash so it's pretty cool we got the golf balls at toys and kids to always. Well that's and think Nelson described TU all the benefits of distillate wild it has such great flashy and capability. Still when 91 Perry too fat 6600. For all of our great April specials. That we bring T from eight PW cunning he Inco. You know I think it when you spoke like your last name with that. Is that from the gay you're bored you're destined to marry me at last week and that Irina they answer to tell everybody healthy answered because your last name. Will be a four at PI EAL your glass famous board I did not take your last name only married. I am a wonderful word that there is Ford in mining Darnell will Willoughby a 40 in their way they eat it up today and so. That you're or gain comfort to marry me since or around here so lucky I am I am looking like a mile or. And I am I feel like I pray I I agree with you I am a lucky on. Because they do manual labor so well you don't need a candidate Barack do we think Jesus for today fell out appropriately we allowed to do that on your immediate cash Shelly can it do whatever you want to eat unless I'll have to. We did make it to church they'd like we do you actually do see is that we did Arabs are every day in there and sell out wouldn't go to church. Each Sunday. I don't know if there really matter is that where we go it's up and they're so would we go to church on Sundays. I'm each week this week it was a big deal everybody. Will be there I'm sure I'm there have been massive icing signs for everybody's on Sunday service and their. So I hope you all get out and then I hope you enjoy going to church more after regardless of what denomination you are. It is a wonderful thing that the new testament Bible is a wonderful thing you can hear faint gives you tons of answers and teach you got a little life you felt cents just a little plug their for Jesus I figure I after his sacrifice it is and three days or any rose again. I think he deserves a little bit applaud. He. Any joke but I know you very sincere when you guys have now we do Bible talks are really Thursday's general a lot of for the Yankee that's what I think he's known for his duking out but there's always sincerity and in truth behind at south some Iranian yell what we just how. And we really want to get into next segment has or almost that time. Is the ballot EU and really thinking about air conditioners. Because they are heating season will be about finance before you Nellie. And with that being said there are at their options out there for those hot spots in the house that Chad just don't have. The and Kate capability that you want to be at a very comfortable space. So we there's there's says zoning options that you can look at with your existing and air conditioner and furnace. But you also have all the called the many splits are they death clay assistants. That are eight fabulous options over I tap more about that let me get back cross entitlement not toy and it's and making a toilet to get rid of that plunger. And he EC clean and checks to get and taken care around before the heat season is upon. You pictured a can and AP get help for company back in just a moment he had questions give us a call 91 Terry eighteen fat 66 kinder. Photo won't go back eight PW plumbing heating goalie hope for homes. In key board and across to me is if you offered hand to welcome back to eight. Keep an eye rent EPS beat plumbing heating and cooling right here in and around the mass transit he need any service since. Will appear planning or wrath mainly air conditioning coming into eighty seat and and we did accompany you call forgive us for college and when Perry eighteen fat 6600. Have been doing it for about fifteen years now and I channel. And Hal we appreciate your big fans and now we appreciate coming TU look. Every week gang getting you collapse at great can't fan of the day health is useful tips. Back to you at the homeowner can you yourself in order to write your home safely safely and act clean your home. And with Pearson standards and to bring you great pride act at a great right. So allow me need at any questions about the topics that we have her in her show placed it as a calling 91318. Fat. 6600. More you can give us an email shout Allah at eight PW planning gmail.com. Again he PW climbing at gmail.com. We lab and those questioned said they also help left. Where they're coming up the topics for the shell to bring teas home and or selling any point you might give us a topic to talk about you went escaped thousand. On the topic that we are reading talk about then no let us know we had to leave and we love. Talking T you and your listeners sound that's and we we enjoy you we been doing this her passion over three years now felt. We gladly appreciate the cut and that the following and that in we always joke about the five listeners have that now we'll lead you regulate. The following that we have and the questions that you bring so there's just a little chat out T the listener thank you thank you very much for that. Yeah actually I have a couple of messages that were sent about my incredible toilet seat that. Works like of the day and it also dry you off failure has air fresher Gerri tell us about that last week Chela after the great. Toilet seat yet inexpensive of course a whole year out. That's an expensive toilet to extend and that the government what was sarcasm they're they're one of the and more expensive option than that however it's you know and into above and behind. What toilet seat and you can have for their. And you know and for your existing ground which is Hank Ireland here at getting your round taking advantage of our toe injury to limit special that we have going on in the month of April for 399. With a free soft close seated Clinton. Found that in just a third Appleby and yeah I mean if EE consider you don't have to buy a good day and enjoy it it works out well I've never used did today and and giving and the day if he needs a day and I just. It is in the Middle Eastern tonight and Dubai and that and that caution ahead. Oh. And play ensures that may sound there's obviously and need for that Ali for people like I watched a huge to our videos on the day's news and then they had guys and women trying it out. And about 50% of them like 1050% of you said that was the look at uncomfortable playing I've ever and I came and now. Then your clean that's one thing everybody said I was Coleen and they got done app films are about to get things. Who knows what the rape there were going we may not have twelve people more resilient all meet one. So you know let exited to just is truly check the top making overflowing with rainy neck. In the league do you get that in the month of April subdue keep that in mind in you you wanna take care and year based menu possessions here. You know in the drywall make sure that EG don't have mold and mildew growing because of moisture make sure that you take advantage. Getting eight sump pump as demand from APW we've got a hundred dollars off in style fat pap hundred dollars off a battery pack etc. and from a Pete Elliott. Just give us a call to Iran and PDF free a quick estimate need that can be your own best judge of whether we can help out with that new feature at Hamlin Perry. 82. The 6600. Aren't he now eight PW planning at gmail.com. Phil went jam packed into the reasons why you whine and any plant. And see how on the connection are lining up topping a quick right as long as we're staying on topic I'm we will at least five and mini split our data collection and furnace air conditioners will write what works speaking about. So people last about minis but one thing I try to help them understand is. You already have a split system in your house. So it's really the same concept without ductwork is all the Indians because your split system we have our furnace in your basement or in your attic. I crawl space where you and I outfit. And your for your air conditioner your condenser is actually outdoor so they callables split systems. I instead of liking package system is what you see it mourn commercial. And you seem on top of buildings that's a heater and it air conditioner all one unit. Right so when they say meaty splits it's a miniature version of what we already use so don't allowed to become real foreign Tia. 88 Dixie is right the United States is a little bit slower on it for a few reasons and it's mostly because of space. Well he is is no longer even an all a lot of applications we already have the wind and then not psalms and and then. You know constructed have duct work RE NM FL rule and many splits are not always. They're just not only need it and let it fury modeling an adult. Or you've got a friend Marine Corps you've got to read in the lead she asked and then they never had the adequate ductwork lit in next. Our Abby left option born out and taking care they went as high as fear rating. They're very eerie efficient and more efficient then and traditional. Furnace and air conditioner that you already currently have. Yeah did get a kind of an idea of the doubt the best air conditioners or can dancers on the market are communicating DC inverted. Systems now not to get too technical however many splits. Are all that way virtually all of former DC inverted so you get these crazy sear readings that. You know 182227. To 29 and they keep going up night and it's because of the way that their bill they allowed to give incredible series of our members your ratings are seasonal energy efficiency ratios. And so what that means is basically is that every senior rating saves you about seven dollars for every 100 do you spend. On your. You're calling bill I'm sorry it electric outlets are sort of think up. So let's say that you had 800 dollar electric bill per month. And your normal air conditioners and thirteen here we're just minimum standards right now for air commissioners many split may be 27 C year. And in essence by switching to two out you could take a look at that's what fourteen. Times seven you'd be you'd be virtually running for free. Hand well I think you would have a hundred dollars to heal but that's what it would come out right exactly sell and then they did their rap over 28% fear ratings in the end Phillip you've got this. Really hot resume as we gear our centurion Paul Lyle has aid got cliff says stemmed. Army system in our skins glass on the air around. It can keep up they can capability on the south side south east side and again. Teeny south west side as the house still get a lot and they heat that comes in and he can keep it cool in the senate time. With the conventional unit matter of fact it showed we needed twice the site is in a conventional unit just to keep over the glass they're absolutely get less and eight PW. Help for hounds I'm Dixie electric car has key board. And we attacked more about great specials have coming to you from eight PW get back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling. In key Ford and across from me is Dixie Wilford and yes welcome back. And I love them like tax Steen you know instructions to you know listening getting ready for the show I was gonna write you out but I can't give you trouble plays that can I trust me texting is it's hard got a Dolly and that's a multi tasker radial arm on the app that's less mama if we did actually due to announce hello we her I just geared that way too and are compared to some way yes. Men don't know how you're geared to. Oh we do know your gear Vista complementing yes your wonderful multitasking all you know women are incredible we I don't know what his men would do without a mom can I. I couldn't have you won't really peaked. Yes it's true that we gel now we have another you guys beat us but we need Jerry Yang as I know are not having kittens and so that's one thing mile and a half so do you tell everybody about the deck idea you had. Now OK so literally just ego isn't so. Dixie has me bill this 120 foot long retaining all right three foot tall. Killing me. I'm an old guy she's draining as well says just a pay cut exactly what if the people to have you know just tuning and let me just get the way I parent and married couple we do ready to get becoming heating coolly not show it actually they used to be a ballot and if you've tips on plumbing heating and air conditioning that allow keep like movers show Eric. And intimate things that we have going on in our own personal life. And away from AP Elliot completely share share in this country. And my birthday is coming up by the are still. The should seize I'm I'm up there working on the wall digging and so I'm looking at Dixie and she starts breaking the spindles. On our debt. And I'm watching or Michael what is this woman during his first it was that the economy wasn't glamorous life and has left right and so bench she starts kicking them and they're having a blast her in Quincy our six year old hat. They're breaking all the spindles. And then their turn him apart. Then they start taking the wood supports up. Pretty soon the deck is nothing but a few poles and the floor and so I'm looking manner and she's I would what are you doing just. Well he didn't say anything so I kept going. Ray has like great I know this is where it's gonna go as she says she's got to do the deck and let everybody who knows Dick CME. And you guys know that you idled are in the decks sooner or later we'll take a guess is she's like. Suckered hey I I didn't handled it Torre had done the hard labor rioting in town and eat it. Old deck at number twenty years all of what twenty years old so it needs that they filling have to like. Have to spend bills. We're breaking in half are ready Phillips millionaire attorney Gerry had character says your party doing a major pride to you know keep a little bit about Kiki getting their golf that he needed angle fish she and if I had a tapper and hobby PI watched TV bill in the backyard and you do all star OJ. Phil lag yeah as singer count finishing up on projects like I wouldn't mean much debate you get a Netherlands started there it was a wonderful such slowly has knows the cool thing I don't think Cheryl tell -- get a break and ate away I he can do and I'll I'll keep bringing the updates on how much of the deck that I have revealed that I am woman hear me more. Now okay. More or our. At a film back in teel at the ad and they you know the reason for the shell is you preview the homeowner and great information. Find out ways they can improve your home and and ways to take care of your your home. And till the last couple weeks we've talked a lot about. And yet different upgrade Fahey can do when there. Checking your sump pump we have a whole held cloning inspection. And one of the things that we do in that inspection. I'm not only do a taint what are here flash. For you but we're also checked this compound to make sure that it's working you should check yourself pundit you're not he had a professional during you can absolutely be that. I pouring about five gallons of water into that basin. And it seemed that have pop actually excelling at different kicking not folks and we have a torrential rain. Man or it isn't happy entering trains to rain that falls at a high raider and a short amount time. Mean you're gonna have a problem then you're not gonna be prepared for its fair either eight you can check your sump pump once a year or maybe a couple of times a year depending on. You know how much rain volume you get around your home. How professional like eight PW planning heating and cooling come out and do for you we. Latin walking our customers to read things that we deal we have no problem Shelley Il. How to checking yourself. So that you can also be inconvenient at how to take care of your home we have no problem that we actually enjoy we'd actually have training sessions at their technicians how to properly. You know top of their customers say we'll make sure that you know we're giving you the correct information. On day in you know proper steps I should say daily know what they're doing it's just a matter of a you know verbally Kimi indicating that correctly. So we eat we add instilling that into our technicians. To share that information. So if you're planning a ho hum planning inspection and will do that tank water heater flash four year which it takes an hour to dealing and he really likes take the time to note that over. And get you and that's what does that longevity Alec your water using appliances panic incher that eat properly checked them. And maintain am want to be here on the planning side that would also include your sump pump. Pumping the water how no way eight career home and that time as too much rain around your home. And guess 300 dollar off insults sub pop and a hundred dollar off the battery back at some pat from eight he'd be called 91 Terry eighteen bad. 6600. In order to get your worst to get eighth. And then in addition to that and you know appear and jump Friday and that I was going to but I wouldn't end well ahead I want him are mind them being that valuable radiant special. That we have far that 59 dollar air conditioner clean and safety Chad this is the time of the year to take the edge. In Dili to right now by taking advantage of our eight PW radio special 125 dollar value for 59 dollars just let me know your Curtis on their radio. Now and voluntary eighteen fat. 66 panic for your picky nine dollar. Air conditioner clean and safety check. Felt well what I was gonna. Talked to this what you know our actual so my mind is we have a move by a sump pump it was 22 feet deep. Other 22 PD they say Richard I've never seen 122. Feet deep was sump pump. Monsters thing though they weighed about I don't know why but I did get a I had a text from somebody one of our our friends who said what is DC inverted. They in so I said I'll tell you later he does Asia probably tell are you ready. I don't. DC inverted. And go back to the preference that why why you went on a quest and yes of course who lack health filled DBs Ernie is that he no technology back an hour in many spots are our I got cliff. You know and fifteenths at Purdue technician systems. Often ill and in this technology destined to go one step further is now. Available and you will be tough having the whole shows on Nancy that is now available TU DN I traditional air conditioner action which and why it's so important in and you'll talk about patent peanut vendor specific step about it. But why so green is because they Guizhou a hi how I see here for eighty I mean with these many like to get 28. And fear rating how I hear. So your energy deals are greatly reduced the higher this year reading is with your air conditioner. Say no and anything that that attic and remodel you've got sick and that send brand is many Spitzer Dak breakfast and took a high here ratings. Have this technology that you one tech. Out. And so the air conditioning refrigeration and heating institute. They run all the heat you Khalili select the governing body of it and so I think we get most of our information from them as far as statistics go. But you know we try to explain to people. They say that when you get equipment. 70% of the life for the equipment is based on how it was installed 26% on how you maintenance and only 4% on brand. So when I when I say to you that brand is the least important at a most of the decisions you make please there's and that's what were basing your office don't you pick. One of the top five companies you're going to be in good shape right. The one that the main mine company so. From there really comes and how it's installed but would we give individuals and people say also what should be the most important. Item to me. One of the boom largest portions is the blower motors the number one thing we say we look you look at. DC inverted blower motors are the most important thing in any furnace you buy. Any equipment that you buy. And the reason is because that for the money they give me the greatest return and not by a little bit by a pile lot over any other option that you can pick. So DC inverted means that it takes AC energy which is basically energy that's fluctuating it has a high no low. And Eagles pass to centerpoint Conseco like a heartbeat that you would see our arm in the out and hospital. And so as you see these heartbeat going to say well that's kind of the electricity that's flowing up and down. DC inverted means that it takes it to a flat line. So it's kind of like taking that up and down motion and taking the stream and straightening it out. You would obviously get more out of that by stringing it out and that's what DC inverted does is it gives you constant power at a and out a certain level consistently. It's easier less energy which your air conditioner right. Kenneth. DC including liberty rank right it's a way that were moving now and the a C industry. Heating cooling industries they're moving to DC inverted. So army split T really see inverted yes and so that's why they have such high efficiency ratings. And because they're smaller you can get larger seer readings it isn't much more difficult to get like 85 ton air conditioner. They he would seem somebody's house to a high see your rating because of its size if you could make a many splits you can increase that's here rating and so then you get a better return right. Models should give true year round comfort with just one single system cell. I'm super quiet TU these Decker assistant you don't even hear them when Iran. Though there at the sound levels are can be choir in any human would spare herself. Very very very quiet night there was. And maybe now we have a specialty gets tougher free estimate plan may hurt bass on the show at 500 dollars off your many split or. Death to a system called 91382. Fast 66 kind of it was actually just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight get you love you can really help for all its high and key border crossed is Dixie Wilford and welcome back and we. Sump pumps today which tech in many Specter Docklands. And fifteenths for your home where ask that they tell no drinking rated your manager for ever. As special that 399 tell you know what you like insult with the free soft close C included. And only for the ninth at eight collected over 800 dollar value for making deadly about the way. For three nanny now rain it was called 918 that 6600 and a finale fast but I also letting folks know go to our YouTube. And videotape feel glad they Toyota can't interest at even flash stay out. I almost got people that are calling an engaging a couple of done at a time in their home because this special is just that great. And dabbing in it that we got Ike tore her head only member how many got balls and kids to leave. Eight gebbie plumbing heating and cooling or you can type in Dixie will let her daddy I LL IF ORE. T you add the UT Chan a finance and that's really cool it's taken if you knew somebody Drake or your name was drink the be great road to get. Total Drake gets a stretch total feign that it and that's how does TOT a low land saying on the toilet and it was. Was that I was abandoned the seventies and has dawned in with the demolished to you could have been ten. Those couple lay there. I epic film really it is a great toilet. And a mogul and all the specifics and it ET video go check that out it definitely gangs. Go into all the specific to a white had to do great fleshing cat and capacity editing your standard to a also should they take advantage of the some pop opera don't get mad cops. In their rainy new purse say eight wind and not canning your sump pump working properly it may be in a home that never installed a cent cut pumping that water how no way eight from your home. Which you know you get Wayne we have too much moisture around here too late to rain. And you wanna keep your precious few if they lose. Taken care out of his ten and they got no idea what that is and gag your near drywall you are and so precious the F precious. When I mean there's earlier talking here either. EO we have our kids that's what aliens in the basement at the plate area that's their greens and mean film commissioner had a cage that paid leave air and then. Hundred dollars up and styled some pump from a Peta and the alpha hundred dollars off the battery back at seven pass from 8 PM the F. Copier freeh asked inexorable Renny and check it not get everything you folks can be your best judge of whether. We can help the end of course we hope we can call 91 Perry eighteen fat. Sixty feet kinder ignored it to get yours today. Filthy I technique and sometimes count fell interest well they are EE if all it's riveting reading pier but it's essential. To pearls so many folks here around Kansas City. They take care of their homes properly. Now I know when they're preparing for the shanty day you're like really really wanted to ski boats away air and talking about these many split. They may not need one amendment because we're in this nice kind of and great weather right now the bank and the Nissan or I got claim fear stem. Is what gives you proper gear great air in your home when they're you need it for furnace or you know ten cool or to heat your space. And they're so energy efficient. Then you're traditional systems and has such great technology that's been around for a million years and meet for a long time. How high joke. They are Avant super duper quiet. And daddy really did deliver great constant year round comfort to these. The problem areas at your home like sun room are like an area that just didn't. Was not provided enough. Death cork in the original construction in or they act attic remodel. That you know to put an extra bedroom or living space them now we've putted and basements as well. I just never got the proper and I talk quirk when they finished the basement because there's so many kind of op applications. Eddie can really take care and they are a large area. In a death perfect until meaning you only tell you need to get yourself stand out dorsett and any. Comfort at airing your home is a three inch hole because it's too high class people. And they are working extremely well. The nice thing is down you can hide a lot of whom they have incredible options as far as that because we can actually even Miller called Douglas systems. You can actually hook arms some sort of vent our dark to them. It's limited what you can do to get it in certain parts of the room. And there are schools have there's up. Picture you can put on their like. You can have a design you want to know honors went to leak air will come behind the picture field. What your idea went on the indoor unit in their rims you actually see edu and inside derailment. But you can how to get their picture frame that I did I start tomorrow I needed now. Maybe they didn't tell the Dixie does she does all that said they have a wall mounts and the many let them inside the assistant and then it is attached or three inch hole. And and aligned fact and you a year electricity basically that then connected outdoor unit. In order to debut air conditioning in your home. They are probably the biggest area I think I have seen them help people there's two of them sun rooms or turning in a like three season rooms and making them a four season room. That's probably the the largest area that I see many sports the other what is when you're talking about finishing the attic a lot of people may finish in Vatican they can't get enough heating and cooling upstairs and so what happens is a lot of the heat. In the summertime comes in with all that extra moisture. And it makes the whole house though muggy in warmer than what it truly is they had they didn't conditioned the air right attic right Eileen actually creates a nagging more Maggie next. Around the rest of the home it's a difficult thing to to show somebody when they're asking me nobody can fix this what's wrong well you need to air conditioned the area that's the problem. Why are systems big enough to handle the whole possibly not and scanned and that's a they don't get is that you know air conditioners remove heat. I and moisture in the summertime. And that's one of the great things about having an air conditioner like round from a Colorado air conditioners work as important as like swamp coolers. Because they give cool and they would add to this Colorado so call ours so on dry they would add moisture but in America in our area we need to remove some of the moisture. Is it transfers heat so well. So that's really why you want the air conditioners there's a lot of spots here house of people's mind he they are you just feel like there's too much more sure feels like it just it's always kind of getting warm in your house a mini split can really solve a lot of that problem by placing it in the correct area. Not only will it conditioned room you don't get rid of that excess moisture that you have in your. House cannot give I have questions aware of folks out alive I I you know we did this three mile I we just that in a win millionaire and in Allah it it defining it as fine. A window units are like fourteen the out your energy bills like crazy I mean you are just throwing money literally apple when Dell. These are active 50% if not more efficient than a window unit because again the fear ratings are so you know crazy high which is wonderful. Much higher than an average we do you typically will cost you about a hundred bucks a month to Roger Bryan Wright is right if it's a horrible waste of money he don't talk about money record. So Cooper peacefully to what he asked me questions either take your health and so Cooper Sergio is our. He says that Benjamin Franklin's on the hundred dollar bill Huckabee Benjamin Franklin's on the hundred dollar bill George Washington's only on the one dollar bill. It took be actually a second I don't ball Cooper. There's more one dollar bills and there are hundreds right. He knows I don't outlets that there is they produce a whole bunch of ones CC George Washington all assigned. EC Benjamin Franklin just regularly and can thank government accountability and went out and what we are going to give you 55 Benjamin Franklin. Well at the rate is forgetting it I tell yeah considerably and argue about three Heston can't call now. 500 dollars off that. And that's very estimate upper deck Lester mini system 91318. That 6600. And of that 500 dollar doctor Douglas system from eight Gabby plumbing heating and cooling. Again column 913. Eighteen fat 66 tendered or at a time. Hopefully you got seven as special that they were covered in Michigan today and happy Easter hope everybody has a safe and mainly by and friendly time. And I would do it again next week that existed there.